Fair warning: There will be an obvious decline in humor and craziness in my postings from henceforth. For those who know me well, it will not be a surprise to read mostly serious, rather philosophical postings but for those who know me only by the blog title, picture and inauguration post, it would be totally understandable to think “this person is a nut!” Therefore, in order to clarify my long-term intentions, I hope to give other philosophical brethren enough ideas to chew and hopefully comment on and give humorists just enough craziness to exercise those facial muscles! Finally, this blog is my voice to give a shout out to cyberspace…”carpe deim!”, not for self but for Christ!

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One Response to Seriously!!!

  1. Miss A. Ward says:

    Ha ha ha! I love you! You make me smile .. AND think too cause afterall, you are one of the most intellectually challenging (not challenged, mind you) that I have ever had the honorary priviledge to cross paths with. My dear, … you are by far the BEST Susanna I know. :) Ta ta.

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