For MY Husband! I Love You Because…..

Rick Is:

A = Affectionate, Artist, AAI, Alluring, Angel, Adorable
B = Beautiful, Babealicious, Best, Biblical
C = Caring, Concerned, Christian, Christ-like, Confident, Considerate,Career,Content, Completing
D = Dependable, Designer, Determined, Delicious, Doting, Daring, Darling, Dreamer, Desirable, Dignified
E = Entrepreneur, Entertaining, Enduring, Eagle Scout,Embracing, Everything
F = Funny, Free-lancer, Focused, Firm, Friendly, Faithful, Fond
G = Generous, Graduate, Gym, Giver
H = Hilarious, Husband, Happy, Honest, Hair(!), Heart, Holding, Hopeful
I = Independent, Integrity, Inspiring
J = Joyful, Jealous(!),
K = Kind
L = Learn, Listen, Loving, Loyal, Lover
M = Manners, Music, Married, Mine, Memories
N = Noble
O = On-time(!), Occupations, Only, Optimistic
P = Precious, Pure, Patient, Passionate, Promise, Priceless, Peaceful, Prayer
Q = Question,
R =Reasonable, Reliable, Reassuring, Rare, Real, Rose
S = Sincere, Strong, Sexy, Superman, Superb, Spiritual, Stars, Sacrificial
T = True, Tender, Tall, Touching, Total, Talented
U = Understanding, Uncommon, Unfading, Unselfish
V = Visual, Virtuous, Valor, Valentine, Vision
W = Web, Wonderful, Willing, Work, Winner, Worthy, Wise
Y = Young, Yourself
Z=Za Best(!!!!)

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One Response to For MY Husband! I Love You Because…..

  1. jen says:

    you are so adorable!

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