Creating a Home(According to Edith Schaeffer)

-Interior decorating tips from Edith Schaeffer’s The Hidden Art of Homemaking:

“You will be surprised how much difference
it makes to have done something to make
a room your home, even for one night.”

“We all live somewhere. A castle, a palace, a mansion hidden by acres of wooded land, a large house, a suburban home with lovely gardens, a farm house set back from the road among rolling fields, a cottage by a brook, a Swiss chalet in the Alps, a villa above a lake, a modern home of old bridge timbers, rock and glass fitted into cliffs overlooking the sea, a house identical to hundreds of others in a housing area, a tiny house built against other tiny houses with common walls between them – all in a row, or a flat in a bloc of flats, an apartment in a New York skyscraper, a trailer or caravan in a park full of these, a tent in the desert, a ut in the jungle, a bamboo house on stilts above water, a one-roomed tree house, a room in someone else’s house, a stuffyroom at the back of a boarding house, a one-room cave in the rocks, a thatched roof cottage with ceilings you can touch with your hand, a clearing in the woods where you can put your sleeping bag, a room in a hotel for ten days-some kind of a spot in the world is the place we call ‘home’, no matter how temporary that place may be.

I would put under the heading of ‘Interior Decoration’anything we do with the place where we are living for any length of time at all. Here, wherever it is, is your spot. This place should be expressing something of yourself. It should be communicating something of you to your visitors, but it should also satisfy something within you. You should feel ‘at home’ here, because you have made it home with something of yourself.”

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One Response to Creating a Home(According to Edith Schaeffer)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Susanna, I will try to post a comment again and see whether or not I am successful…It is interesting that when people whose homes have been neglected are converted, they usually become much more orderly very quickly – reflecting the increased order in their hearts and minds.

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