As a newly married couple, folks ask us quite regularly how we met. For most couples, this question would initiate a long, dramatic story of serendipity. The young bride has a dreamy look in her eyes as she speaks and the listener can escape into their happiness for a few moments. When Rick and I are asked this question, we are likely to stiffen up a little bit, let out uncomfortable laughs and say almost apologetically, “we met on eharmony.” That’s it, that’s our story…it’s not long, it’s not dramatic. Listener response varies…some are genuinely fascinated and want to know more, some know of other couples who have met on eharmony and talk about that, and many say “Oh, so there are normal people who meet online!” Others say we were brave to try eharmony, which is personally my favorite comment.

Dating according to is, well, quite unique…this is who I am and this is what I want. Do you got it?? Eharmony has 9000 confirmed marriages to its credit, INCLUDING my marriage to Rick on September fourth, 2004(approx. 11 months ago! Wow does time fly!!) Yup, that’s right…I acted on a whim which I felt was probably verrry crazy at the time, but after four months of dating, five months of engagement and eleven months of marriage to Rick, my ‘mail order husband’, I am so thankful that God prompted me to act on one, awesome life-changing decision fueled by curiosity!

So listen up for those commercials all you singles out there and remember that it may not just be crazy but also brave to try eharmony or a similar, reputable online dating site. Personally, I feel that Eharmony is arguably the best of choices because of the extensive personality profile one must complete before joining,(not to mention the strong Christian backbone in association with the founder, a former dean at Wheaten College). It took me an entire three days(and multiple sittings) to fill out for crying out loud!!(= With so much information to go by, Rick and I really did feel like we already knew each other when we met in person for the first time and our spiritual values lined up beautifully by God’s immeasureable grace. Whether you choose to join or not, I can vouch quite confidently that the profile will surely teach you much about yourself.

In closing, As you listen to your car radio or watch TV, remember my story and do not be surprised if you here(and/or see a cute young couple!), “Hi, my name is Susanna and I met my husband Rick on….”

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  1. rick says:

    Very nicely crafted! Excellent piece of writing! Rick and Rick give it 2 thumbs up!

  2. bchallies says:

    Rick, didn’t you promise me a rebate on the money I gave Susanna in order to join eharmony?

  3. Rick says:

    mom, I think you’ve been hitting the bottle a little too hard, you’re obviously experiencing delusions… besides, having such a fine, outstanding son-in-law is almost like collecting a rebate every single day. =)

  4. A W (American Woman) says:

    Made a believer out of me … before I thought: “EHarmony, ha! That’s foolishness.” Well, I’m the fool cause you too are such a beautiful couple! I love you two together! and hahahaha on the rebate. Looks like there’s more of a DEbate than a REbate .. ha ha ha, MAN I am so funny — and humble too.

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