My Ultimate Muse

Why Do I write?(A simple question…a detailed response!)

Sitting in a dim, secluded corner of a Barnes and Nobles bookstore cafe, I must ponder all the reasons why I write or hope to regularly feed my passion to write, (I feel would be a better point of consideration). I hope to regularly feed my passion to write because I want to be a unique author in this world and in my lifetime. I want to develop my creativity and learn how to write with abandonment, not caring how the words fall out, who reads the work, whether it measures up exactly to the standards of today’s popular styles of prose. I want to write about issues that will challenge and make a difference in the Christian world. I want to be honest and unpretentious in my writing. I don’t want my writing to look as though I am trying too hard. I want the style to be deep, genuine, uncompromising, kind, and compassionate. I want to find positive influences in my life and write about them and leave the reader with a sense that I am not a typical “tragic hero” writer whose life has been marked only by negativity, injustice, lies, indoctrination, sorrow, and so on. Most non-fiction these days seems to leave nothing but a sour taste in my mouth…it is usually very well written with great, poetic language and style, but is filled with tons of anti-religious, anti-God talk and experiences, glorification of immorality as a great right of passage for the author, negative impacts of parents and siblings and ultimately how the only answers, the only truths are found withine ourselves…it is all about us/the writer. I don’t know…maybe that is all that sells these days or intersts people but I will give a valiant attempt to cross those boundaries and write as I would want to. I want to give others joy by reading from the pen of their daughter/wife/sister/friend,etc. I want to fulfill God’s calling to give the incredible honor of having the gift of the pen back to Him and that is my longing more than anything as I stand on the edge of beginning a story. I want to feel God’s pleasure and know that my writing is glorifying His name. I want Him to be my ultimate muse and influence. I want to learn how to begin a work and get past the hurdles of doubt, fear, tiredness, procrastination, confusion, perfectionism, etc to at last finish it and look on it with pride. I want to give writing my all and look on it seriously, with the eyes of a real calling. I want to stretch my mind, brain, emotions, and abilities by developing a deep passion for words and creating sentences that have meaning and expression and that show a part of who I am. I want it to be real. I don’t want to feel pressure to be like anyone else but Susanna Laura Rose. I want to bring pleasure to Rick’s life through my writing. I want to make him proud of me and I want to be brave enough to always share my writing with him, even if it is difficult to want to show anyone, I always want my husband to be a part of it. I want to give my contribution to the world of literature, a world that has been alive and brimming with new possibilities since the creation of the world, so when my earthly life is through, I can say with pride, passion, conviction and contentment that I wrote and followed my God given love. To GOD be the glory, power, dominion and honor both now and forevermore in this and everything under heaven!

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16 Responses to My Ultimate Muse

  1. Rick says:

    Very Inspiring

  2. Rikk says:

    This is in no way “Rick” Susanna’s husband. As you can see, I am Rikk, spelled entirely differently and thus, I am an entirely different person. There is no comment stuffing going on here, or any attempt to create the impression of more readership. And my comment is: wow! what a popular blog this is! Everyone who is anyone cant WAIT to post comments here. Come one, come all, post post post!

  3. Rikiah says:

    German Rikk had a good point, this IS a great blog. This is Jewish Rikiah. All Jewish people love letter-rip

  4. Rhahik says:

    Hello, I am Rhahik of East India. I too enjoy my daily reading and posting on letter-rip. It is clear to see that susannna is an inspired, gifted, talented, master craftswoman in the medium of wordsmithery

  5. Ricardo says:

    hola. muy bueno escritor!! mas mas mas por favor!!

  6. Ma shi Reek says:

    As soon as I returned to my home in the orient, I dashed to the computer (after removing my shoes of course) to resume my reading of letter-rip.

  7. Kofi Annan says:

    This is Kofi Annan. Seeing as you have such a diverse, multi-national audience. The UN has decided to officially endorse letter-rip on a trial basis. We will endorse on a permanent basis if we can begin an extortion scheme to funnel money from this site into my son’s personal bank account (I of course, will have no personal knowledge of this scheme, however.)

  8. Saddham Hussein says:

    every morning I wake in my cell with the determination to make it through another day. I am allowed 15 minutes of computer time per day. I use 5 of that to email my Jihad buddies in cell block 12, and the remaining 10 to read Letter-Rip

  9. Jesse Jackson says:

    I do not see any endorsmental representation of my people here. You watch yourself, as soon as I am done with this Mexican Stamp controversy, I will be back to protest.

  10. Anonymous says:

    someone has WAY too much time on their hands….~someone who is ashamed to admit she is related ;-)~

  11. Carrie Morgan says:

    wow thats funney! How are yall. I havent talked to you in forever.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Susanna Laura Rose — You write so beautifully! I love your style and you have such a way with words (I agree with your husband Rick … or is it Rikk? Rikiah? .. maybe Rhahik?) Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I too love to write and was encouraged by your blog. I hope you continue in your venture towards blessing the Lord’s name with your words — written and spoken! As for your “diverse” admirers … I say, I’m impressed! You have quite the fan club. You obviously have a wonderful husband who adores you! :) God bless, keep writing, and I’m sure to keep reading.

  13. Susanna Rose says:

    Thanks Carrie and Anonymous! I’m glad you’ve come to check the site out and I’ll try to keep it entertaining so you’ll want to come back! Carrie, thanks for asking how we’re doing…very, very well and I hope you’re doing the same(= Later!

  14. Rick says:

    Im noticing a lot of anonymous comments. dont be shy, claim a name!

  15. Anonymous says:

    We are all looking forward to seeing how, and in which direction, your writing evolves.

  16. Jesse Jackson says:

    dont think I’ve forgotten yet

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