Paper or Plastic?

It was six years ago that I worked as a bagger and cashier at Publix Supermarket. Those six to eight hour days spent in my striped polo shirt, navy blue apron and horrid blue pants were often quite long and dull save for the rare moments of interesting conversation with a customer or co-worker. Usually though, it was just “Paper or plastic?” “Plastic” “Do you need help taking your groceries out?” “No.”

One day though was different. Peering down the front end at the rows of conveyer belts, I saw a man I recognized from a few weeks earlier. He was an interesting man to say the least. As I pushed his cart out into the parking lot towards his black SUV, he told me what all the green leafy veggies were for filling his cart; items that looked like giant celery stocks. Apparently, he had several pets and one in particular, a dog, was the size of Dino in the Flintstones. I thought he was joking and did not believe him at first but he finally convinced me though I still could not picture a pet that big being a house pet! Well, as I said, he turned up again a few weeks later and being the friendly Publix employee I prided myself on being, I went up to him and with a loud voice in the midst of the surrounding noise, mixed my words and declared “Hi! I remember you…you’re the guy with the thing as big as a dog!”

Let’s just say his reaction was one of horrified mortification…I had never seen a face turn that red! I’m quite sure he never darkened the doors of our store again and as for me, I tried to be alittle more “smooth” with the customers!(=

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5 Responses to Paper or Plastic?

  1. * Alicia says:

    OH MY how I love your Susanna-isms! I’m so glad you shared that! I could never hear that story too many times!!!! I still cannot remember how the guy reacted though — what did he do? And did anyone else hear you!? :) By the way, I had a super-fan-tabuous day with you today! Mr.Rick … you’ve got quite a wonderful wife on your hands! :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    * Oh SuSAnna … DON”T YOU cry For ME … *

  3. ''Song Listener'' says:

    Enjoyed your story and I two want to know how did your customer react? What about the time you were singing in the car…”She’ll be coming around the mountian”? or do you remember that…not as embarrassing!!

  4. Susanna Rose says:

    Well, out of curiosity about his reaction, I decided to add a short part about that on the original! Thanks!(P.S. Alicia, Thanks for inspiring me to write something funny!!!)

  5. Steph says:

    hahahahahhawow, Susanna that’s hilarious!!!!!!!!!! man, that would be very embarressing

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