Charging Away Their Innocence

“An age that melts with unperceiv’d decay, And glides in modest innocence away.” ~Samuel Johnson

What are eleven or twelve year old girls doing intently scowering the racks at Victoria’s Secret, America’s premier lingerie store where every pair of underwear is about two inches wide in coverage, every bra is about five inches thick in padding and most items are no less than fourty dollars in price? One can only imagine, or I know I did today as I stood waiting for Maryanne to pick out a free pair of undies with a coupon she had received in the mail and was anxious to spend. All around us, there were adolescent girls, dressed like little vixons, and it was just crazy to have to conclude that these girls must already have reasons for wanting alluring lingerie. I mean, heck, why else would you care at that age where your panties and bras come from-especially when you’re likely still in the training bra stage? It could well be that older sisters may be influential in this matter…perhaps it is just another way in which younger girls want to grow up fast but I suppose it is just reality waving its little finger at me to remind me that intimacy is no longer reserved for the married or older teens onward at least(not that I condone that either). Ah no, the little ones are waving their pieces of plastic at the store check outs as well, charging away their innocence in a world whose ways they already understand far too well.

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2 Responses to Charging Away Their Innocence

  1. Representin' the Sisterhood says:

    Amen Sister Susanna! Us “convent” girls never cared much to escape from the comfort of UNDERWEAR to see the sassier side of intimate appearal. The REAL deal are the kind that cover-what-the-Lord-made-unless-ya-wanna-get…laid(out to dry)undergarments. Can’t say I’d ever be caught dead (or alive) in anything that didn’t cover both of my cheeks, let alone when I was a middle schooler at Saint Catherine’s. Lord knows that’s foolishness. My oh my, oh MY Susanna. Had I a’ been there in that little shop of horrors (or whores, mind you)… shoooo-we! I would a’ taken those little sprouts right by the ear – where were those girl’s mamas by the way!? Hopefully not handin’ them more “sling-shots” to try on! MERCY! For cryin’ out loud, good grief to all and to all a good night!

  2. Susanna Rose says:

    “sling-shots”…I like that! Quite a hilarious comparison! Well “convent” girl, thanks for leaving a comment on this rather awkward post. You are the one brave soul.s Since I am quite sure for some strange reason that there is a hint of sarcasm in this post, I will just ignore it and say that saved intimacy rules(and Grannie underwear keeps the sistas in check!!(= )

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