Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu, Goodbye!

Today we’re leaving for the family cottage in Eastern Ontario. We’ll drive part of the way today, spending the night with some of Rick’s relatives in Toledo, Ohio and will commence the trip on Saturday, hopefully reaching the cottage by Sunday afternoon! We are so ready to go and get this trip started! We will spend a week with the family-swimming, eating, lounging and enjoying the beauty of our Northern haven, a place which sadly will not be ours for years to come as, after being enjoyed by three generations, it is up for sale. Our home away from home will soon only be a memory and the stuff of many pictures.

When our week there is thru, Rick and I will head onto spend a week exploring New York City! Conveniently, my dad has a cousin in New Jersey who is happy to have us stay in her large, beautiful, rambling house with her for three nights so we are psyched for that as well! We’re going to go see Phantom of the Opera on broadway as well as just take in this mega city that is the hub of so much that represents not only America but the world.

Two weeks of fabulous vacation, here we come!! To everyone, please say a prayer for our protection on the road as we have so much driving ahead of us and…have fun sitting around while we’re gone, dreaming you could have a vacation as good as ours!!!(= Auf Wiedersehen, Adiu, Goodbye!!!

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3 Responses to Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu, Goodbye!

  1. Alicia says:

    BYE susanna!! I will miss you and I am so excited for you and Rick to go to New York! Phantom of the Opera … niiiice. :) I’m sure it will be fabulous! I love you and cannot wait to hear your stories and see pictures. :)

  2. jana says:

    I hope you guys have a wonderful trip—enjoy every minute and we’ll see you when you get back! Love ya!

  3. jana says:

    Susanna—are you guys home yet?! We miss you guys and can’t wait to hear about your vacation!

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