The Yummy Big Apple

I too lived-Brooklyn of ample hills, was mine. I too walk’d the streets of Manhattan Island, and bathed in the waters around it; I too felt the curious abrupt questioning stir within me, in the day, among crowds of people, sometimes they came upon me, in my walks home late at night, or as I lay in my bed, they came upon me.” – Walt Whitman
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The city pulses. It moves with the steady beat of commerce, music, ipods, horns, banter, NYPD sirens, the hopes and prayers of a post 9/11 community, feet hitting pavement, foreign tongues melding together, lights, water, celebrity, lonely vagrants, panhandlers, sax performers, hip-hop performers, Broadway, jugglers, crazies, demonstrators, sea gulls, the clanging of dishes in Little Italy restaurants, and the Ellis Island Ferry, gracing the harbor like a symbolic promise. Like Woody Allen’s character Isaac in the film “Manhattan”, I have quite fallen in love with New York City. It was only four days but I felt quite alive and deliciously swallowed up in its arms that have welcomed so many dreamers. The ‘Big Apple’ is rich with culture, at peace with individuality, a symbol of strength in the face of danger and, both through my eyes and through the lens of a camera, amazingly, startlingly, irrefutably BEAUTIFUL .

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5 Responses to The Yummy Big Apple

  1. Rick says:

    good times

  2. Kane says:

    Susanna,Jana had me take a look at this “stuff,” and I wanted you to know that there is a way of preventing the bots from coming through. Go here to learn about the word verification option that you can enable. Be well.

  3. Covenant's most Prestigious Future Scholar says:

    Yay! Susanna it’s good to have you back in the Peach State! I know you prefer the “Apple” now. :) I’m so glad you and Rick had such a positive, and invigorating time in NY. I’ve always wanted to go there myself but have yet to do so! :) Well, I love you as always and just wanted to send a happy hello from my new dorm … overlooking the most beautiful campus , distant Tennesee and Georgia mountains … here atop the most FABULOUS Lookout Mountian, home of Covenant … MY Covenant! :) Yay! Super excitement! And I cannot wait to see you come visit up here one day! :) Eh, how’s about it…EH?. G’nite!

  4. Renee says:

    Just came across your blog. I’ve enjoyed reading it!:-)

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