Playing In My Head

For some reason today, a poem I wrote in tenth grade was going through my head. It is not a poem of much ingenius craft or language(or even theology for that matter), but it is one that was written in a very heart felt manner as I observed a friend going through various problems and then took on knew meaning when I went through some similar issues some time later. It is entitled “Fallen Angel” simply because I could not think of any other, more clever title! Anyways, because I have nothing more interesting to write about tonight, I feel led to share this poem so here it is:

Fallen Angel you flew from right,
Away to court the fancies of life
That bribed, bargained, pleaded and then,
Succeeded in striking you spiritually dead.

One day, wings tattered, broken and frayed,
Fallen of the fallen, now wounded you lay
And up to the sky you looked in pleading,
Where was the help you were seeking?

From the heavens it came and there you were risen,
Back to a place where all is forgiven
By the one who understands the frailty of
A Fallen Angel.

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2 Responses to Playing In My Head

  1. Rick says:

    I too am reminded of a poem from my younger years. I didn’t write it, but I did receive it as a birthday card:first, imagine a lovely dog named rover as he recites the following:Roses are RedViolets are blue…(open card)sometimes I like to drink from the toilet

  2. rick says:

    ha ha ha, oh man, 10 years later that still makes me laugh

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