**Merci, Maryanne**

Maryanne(in fore ground of picture) is a beautiful, talented, extraordinary wife and mother, who also happens to be my big sister. Though she and I were not always very fond of each other and I wore a constant chip on my shoulder in high school because we look so alike and I was/am regularly confused with her(which made me feel like I had no identity), she was always someone I looked up to and admired. She has always had a contagious personality that draws people to her and has given her quite a leader’s persona. When the rest of our family was still dawning tuques(hats) and scarves in the frosty white north known as Canadia, Maryanne graduated from high school and promptly took off for Covenant College in Tennesee. It did not take long before my parents knew that they had lost their daughter forever to the sunshine and smooth drawl of the South and before you could say “hoaser”, we(with the exception of my brother Tim and his family) were packed in the old green van, dad close behind with the moving truck. We were bound for Atlanta, Georgia, a move of job convenience for my dad but of equal importance, a means to be closer to the daughter he and my mother terribly missed. Maryanne was the second mother when Grace and I were little, always a faithful and respectful friend as well as daughter to mom, helpful around the house and generally a mature, loving, sacrificial person whose absense was obvious. Thus, we have now called the land she has fallen in love with “home” for six years and though the rest of us still keep our freckled, white Anglo-Saxon skin while she some how has evolved into a nicely tanned sun lover, we are acclimatized for the most part. She and I have both married wonderful southern men and mom and dad are right close by to give their affection to Maryanne’s precious little ones, Anna and Josh. Now when we are out together and people think I am her or they get us confused as twins, I no longer feel annoyed but extremely flattered that I have any resemblance to her beauty! I feel very blessed by her presence as sister and friend. Thank you Maryanne.

P.S. We do always miss Tim, Aileen, Nick and Abby…brother, sister-in-law, nephew and niece who have stayed faithful to the North!

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3 Responses to **Merci, Maryanne**

  1. Tim Challies says:

    “…but even more so, a means to be closer to the daughter he and my mother terribly missed. How, you might wonder, could the distance of one child cause the move of a whole family?”That is strangely disturbing to me. I’ve never thought of mom and dad moving south to move towards Maryanne. But perhaps you’re right.

  2. Susanna Rose says:

    Ya bro, I don’t know. I do think it was a strong factor but I changed the wording as I probably exaggerated without thinking. Love you and miss you bro!!!

  3. Rick says:

    Tim, the truth is… and we didn’t want to tell you this, but your parents main objective was actually moving AWAY from you. Just kidding, but I do have to say when I began dating Susanna, the story your parents told me when I asked why they moved here was definitely always “we knew our daughters would be marrying American men so we decided to move down to be close to them” …curiously enough, “daughters” could not be plural without that move, but I thank God they did or I would not have my Canadian wife (who is by far the most beautiful of the lot, sorry Maryanne/Grace)

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