Long After The Music Fades!

Singer/song writer Shaun Groves penned some very beautiful lyrics with his song “After The Music Fades.” I was actually fortunate enough to hear him live before a Jars of Clay concert three years ago and he was a great performer, who, as I remember, came out wearing a unique outfit, including a long, red trench coat or something…very eclectic! Anyways, read these lyrics and be blessed!

After the Music Fades

Lord, take me
From this place
Into a world that has no time.
No hurries, no worries,
Gladly I leave them all behind
Down here; I’m letting go and drawing near.

I wanna sing.
I wanna fly.
I wanna see from Your side of the sky.
I wanna love.
I wanna stay,
Wanna be close to YOu
Long after the music fades.

Lord, I come
To give You
Much more than just a melody.
Please take me and break me;
Right now God, I don’t want to leave
Unchanged; I never wanna be the same.


‘Cause Lord You are
Mighty, Awesome, Righteous,
Gracious, Knowing,
In me overflowing.
Father, Teacher, Master, Leader
jealous, Loving, You are.

And You make me wanna sing.

You are life.
You are love.
You are everything that I’m needing.
(Repeat 4x)

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2 Responses to Long After The Music Fades!

  1. Rick says:

    Nice color coding

  2. Alicia says:

    I love you Susanna! And what a loverly song! Thanks so much for sharing it. :)

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