I had to hand in this proposal a few weeks ago for a careers in writing course I am taking. The class was given little direction and thus, I did my best but would like to ask for opinions as this is a topic I would actually like to propose for the AJC or other area publications. To any who may have written a writing proposal or two before or even to those who have not…let me know what you think! Thanks!
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Dear Mr. Kraft(Atlanta Journal Constitution Editor),

The area of Little Five Points, in East Atlanta, is a boho hub of culture known by natives of the city because of the fresh, eclectic vibe it generates. It is a haven for local artists, both musical and visual and it is not an unusual site to see a painter or two set up along the sidewalk with eisal and brush, creating a spiritual masterpiece. Popular area venues include Variety Playhouse and the Vortex Bar and Grill as well as many chic new or used clothing boutiques such as Urban Tribe and Psycho Sisters.

A lesser-known establishment, a rare jem that capitalizes on the cultural flare of “Litte Five,” is IF Coffee House. Located on Moreland Avenue, hidden behind the Point Center building, IF’s colorful neon sign beams bright and exuberant Friday and Saturday evenings as well as Sundays and parts of Monday. The first Friday of each month is open mic night and every weekend offers unique sounds from among Atlanta’s alternative music community. IF’s mission statement is “to provide a safe and healthy environment for dialogue, study, artistic and spiritual expression and provide support and help to any who seek it.”

What sets IF apart from other coffee houses, besides the ethereal interior, excellent, varied musical gigs and friendly service is the fact that it is a non-profet ministry that seeks to engage the artistic community both practically and spiritually and simply be a comfortable atmosphere for one and all to gather.

A great perk surrounding its non-profit status is that IF’s coffee munu-nearly as large as Starbucks-is great at a quarter of the price. A delicious, well-foamed latte is more enjoyable than ever at a hefty one dollar. Before anymore of the mystery surrounding on of Atlanta’s “best kept secrets” are revealed right now, I would like to propose a 400-600 word article called “IF, the Secret Is Revealed;” covering this place that has given back true expression and welcome to the people of our city.

May I have the assignment?


Susanna Rose

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5 Responses to IF

  1. Neo says:

    Rose – Thanks for the kind words at JBI.Good letter, only one typo in it. Sorry to call you on it, but i’m sure you posted this here before you mailed it.You wrote “Open Mike night,” It should actually be: “Open Mic.”I should know, I’ve played enough of them. :)Cheers

  2. Susanna Rose says:

    Ugh! Thanks Neo…it’s changed now! I appriate you catching me on that, especially cause it shows you were really reading the post!(= Well, let me know if you have any other comments/suggestions.

  3. Neo says:

    Rose – HA! not a problem ;)

  4. Mella says:

    Hi Susanna, the letter is very tight and well written. I just saw a couple of other typo (I think you meant IF’s coffee “menu” not “munu”, and non-profit, not “non-profet”)My only other suggestion is that maybe you could start right off the bat with something that engages the reader with IF immediately. (ie: Nestled behind the Point Center Building in the cultural boho hub of Little Five Points, is IF, the ethereal little coffee shop that will leave you asking Starbucks who?”) – or anything to get to IF sooner, rather than waiting until the second paragraph to unveil the focus of your proposal.Hope this helps! =)PS – as a coffee addict, your proposal made me want to hop on a plane and check out IF for myself… =)

  5. jana says:

    Makes me want to run down there and get something to drink–maybe we could go together sometime. :)

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