Taking the Plunge

Even happily married girls can feel lonely and lost sometimes. There are times when it is poignantly evident that nothing on this earth is enough to completely fill the void. This has been a hard week and tonight I was driven to write a little simple, soulful song. I love to sing and have always wanted to write songs but have never been brave enough to actually pen anything down. Now, for better or for worse, I have taken the plunge and actually feel much better already. In order not to seem too egotistic,”Hannah” has been substituted in for “Susanna.” For anyone who may care, “that mountain” is literal, referring to a mountain I sat on in Switzerland 3 years ago, deep in a prayer I thought at the time was sincere, and “Spew as your daily bread” simply means that I throw away/throw up the “daily bread” found in the bible by not reading it or following it faithfully. It has been so long since I studied music theory and I don’t have a piano or anything handy so the tune, etc is all in the head!(=

Stanza 1: Do you believe in me?

Do you remember who I am – Han-naaah?

Do you know what I said?
What you spew as your daily bread – Han-naaah?

(Refrain): You told me on that mountain three years ago,
“Do anything You want Lord, anythiiing.”

Stanza 2: Do you want to trust in me?
Do you want to be set free – Han-naaah?

Do you know what I said?
Or will you court sorrow again – Han-naaah? (Refrain)

Stanza 3: Do you know where I am
Lift your eyes to me again – Han-naaah?

Do you know what I said?
What you spew as your daily bread – Han-naaah?

Do you know what I said?
Do you know what I said?
I said come to me again –
I saaaiiid.

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5 Responses to Taking the Plunge

  1. jana says:

    Thanks for sharing something from your heart…a good reminder.

  2. Mella says:

    Very sincere and sweet – thanks for sharing! Also – I went to your website and saw your Venice pictures – My husband and I honeymooned in Italy too! You took some beatiful photos!

  3. Susanna Rose says:

    Thank you guys for your encouraging replies! It’s scary sometimes to put something very personal out there, not knowing how it will be received! MERCI!(=

  4. Rick says:

    So you never got around to singing the song for me this morning. =)

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