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The voice of my Beloved!Through all my heart it thrills,He leaps upon the mountains,And skips upon the hills For like a roe or young hart,So swift and strong is he,he looks through my window,And beckons unto me. “Rise up, my … Continue reading

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After 21/2 semesters of German (I need 4 semesters as an English major), the only phrase I can say with any degree of certainty is “Ich bin doof!”(I am stupid!) Here is the typical class room scenario for me: I … Continue reading

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The tests are back and it is official…I am very sick. Long ago, I unknowingly contracted an illness that has relentlessly and mercilessly progressed its way through my body and now I must deal with the reality that I may … Continue reading

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Cyber Space Squabbles

I am back to stay for good my friends,Was off to find inspiration againBut this time stayed away too longAmid yells from an angry blog throng(??!)DID YA MISS MY POSTS? (I know you did=) Don’t you just love a good … Continue reading

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