Cyber Space Squabbles

I am back to stay for good my friends,
Was off to find inspiration again
But this time stayed away too long
Amid yells from an angry blog throng(??!)
DID YA MISS MY POSTS? (I know you did=)

Don’t you just love a good blog fight sometimes? I was at my brother’s busy sight a few moments ago (yes, I know it’s 3 in the morning…I just woke up after falling asleep with out washing up first and decided to post before going back to snooze) and followed a good argument going on between two men about a controversial topic. Here is the comment I decided, after many minutes of debate, NOT to post! I guess I shouldn’t throw fuel into a fire of very heated debate but oh, it is so tempting!!! With out another word, here is the comment:

“Ya! Go get’m!! Man, there’s nothing like a little harmless cyber space squabble sometimes! Relieves daily tension and keeps the finger joints nimble!”

If it had to go somewhere, it’s alright here, right?!

P.S. I’m 23 today(or yesturday I guess)! I was treated very well by my husband/family and spoiled with a delicious Italian dinner tonight… the best I’ve had since being in Italy! I’m so glad Rick and I share the same taste in food! Italian, Italian, Italian for me!!

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5 Responses to Cyber Space Squabbles

  1. Me/Myself/I says:

    It’s about time you got off your sorry tush and posted again!!Sincerely,Me, myself and I

  2. Ryan says:

    Happy (belated) Birthday!!!

  3. Rick says:

    Yes, it was quite yummy!

  4. jana says:

    Susanna, I am glad you had a good birthday and I am glad to read a new post—welcome back—we have missed your posts!

  5. Neo says:

    Rose – Welcome back!Happy belated birthday!!!

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