After 21/2 semesters of German (I need 4 semesters as an English major), the only phrase I can say with any degree of certainty is “Ich bin doof!”(I am stupid!) Here is the typical class room scenario for me:

I walk into the room, plop myself down cautiously beside “smart girl” who knows every noun, verb, pronoun, grammatical rule, etc in the German language and seems almost more knowledgeable than Herr “C” much of the time.

Next, either smart girl or I pull out candy(skittles, nerds or gobstoppers) which we proceed to eat for the remainder of the class…coffee will do too. It is amazing how a revolting cup of campus coffee can become delicious when you need some kind of comfort in a class you feel totally alien in! I sit lost and confused, furiously writing down notes that never seem to make sense soon enough.

At an unexpected moment our very kind, understanding professor, who tends to let me off the hook for class participation, may suddenly spring a question on me. There is an inevitable pause followed by a flash of terror across my face. A long “Ummm” escapes my lips and then, well, the rest is sinking or swimming. The class waits with baited breath to see if “stupid girl” will actually answer correctly. Usually their first assumptions are proven true.

Class is let out 15 minutes earlier than most classes and I walk up to Herr “C” and ask for more extra credit opportunities as I know this is the only way I will pass in this hideously difficult subject. Foreign language must utilize the same brain cells as math, or I hope so anyways, because at least then I can claim disadvantage of heredity. Either way, “Ich heisse Susanna und ich bin doof!”

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9 Responses to ICH BIN DOOF!

  1. Neo says:

    Sie sind nicht dumm

  2. Using up the words.... says:

    I’m not convinced that I agree with what Neo said? lol…Neo, WHAT DID YOU SAY?Meanwhile… poor Susanna. I know you’re not stupid! Maybe just a little lost in this class – but that happens. And again… only a season. See, it does apply to everything.Blessings, you!

  3. Husband says:

    The extent of my German comes from the vegitales “ich bin I’m bored” …and that’s only half German.

  4. jana says:

    Sorry the class isn’t the best in the world—it is just for a season and you are ALMOST done!Blessings Girl!

  5. Mella says:

    Oh no – I’m in trouble too,if intelligence is measured by the ability to speak German or by mastering math…Thankfully for both of us, I don’t think it is. Glad that you’re back posting! =)

  6. Susanna Rose says:

    Danke everyone! Also, thanks to Neo and my husband for trying some German! Neo said, assuming he meant “Sie” as in “You” formal, “You are not stupid/dumb.” It could also read, “They are not stupid.” Did you mean the first?!(= Mella, intelligence is definitely not raited by German and math skills and you’ve got the gift of the pen to prove that!(= Power to the right brain people!!!Well, auf wiedersehen for now people!!!

  7. Eric M Schumacher says:

    I’m still stuck on needing 4 semesters of German as an English major!?

  8. bchallies says:

    Susanna,Sorry you are having a tough time in German…I want to encourage you, though, through reminding you that you express yourself very well in one language…I love your posts.

  9. husband says:

    I’m certain if you had it all to do overwith… you’d take yiddish

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