Tonight when I got home from school, I drove into the parking lot of our apartment complex and for some reason, sounded off my car alarm when I shut my door. Turning it off, I walked up the steps to the second floor and was unexpectedly greeted by my not so happy looking husband. “Did you hear my alarm?” I asked, surprised that he knew I was coming. He didn’t answer but just pulled me into an embrace and began to shake with tears. “Babe, what’s wrong?” I asked suddenly frantic with worry. Then I knew. “Is Paul dead?!” Pausing for a moment, Rick looked at me and told me that Paul, one of his best friends…I guy he has grown up with and who was one of his groomsmen at our wedding, may never come out of his coma. It is Tuesday at noon and we have found out that a miracle has occured and Paul is not only going to live but he’ll be out of his coma and things are looking great! God has heard many prayers and this is just amazing!

I held my husband and felt so helpless. He has been there so much for me when I have cried over so many matters but I have never had to be there for him like tonight. To see him so broken with sorrow is aweful but to know that he was just waiting to see me and to take refuge in my support is something I count as such an honor.

Inside our apartment, I found my parents in law and Steph, my sister in law, sitting teary eyed as well. They had driven all the way across the city just to tell us and be there for us as they knew the news would be very difficult. Together, we piled into their mini van and drove the short distance to my brother in law Nathan’s apartment. If the news was hard for us to process, we knew it was going to be horrible for Nathan. He and Paul have been best friends for as long as they can remember. Though he is usually very quiet and difficult to read, Nathan lost it when he heard the news and we just sat and let the tears flow. Eventually dad prayed and we all left, including Nathan who decided to spend the night at mom and dads.

It has been such a weird, nightmarish evening but I think we were all grown and changed by grieving together. Times like these come so suddenly and cut like a knife. They humble and show us not only the fleeting nature of life but our total frailty and often fruitless pursuits. We are praying for a miracle and God’s comfort over Paul’s family and I am praying for my husband.

Please join us and Pray for Paul. He and his younger brother got in a car accident Friday afternoon. Their car swerved off the road they were driving on and hit a tree sideways at full impact. It was the driver’s side of the vehicle that hit and thus, though his brother escaped the wreck with just a few bruises, Paul’s head hit the window and ceiling and he has been in a comatic state in intensive care all weekend. This afternoon, when his family was still hopeful of his recovery, they were given devastating news. A cat scan to the head shows permanent or even fatel injuries that they had not known were there.

Where there seems little hope, even then, there is God.

“For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angel nor deamons, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other thing can seperate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” ~Romans 8:38, 39.

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8 Responses to Broken

  1. jana says:

    Susanna, I am so sorry to hear of this sad news—and we will be in prayer for Paul, his family and your family.

  2. Ryan says:

    Susanna and Rick:May God wrap his arms of comfort around Paul’s family and your’s.You all will be in my prayers.

  3. Rick Rose says:

    We have received some encouraging news. Without getting into details it looked like it was over, but things are now looking ok. Please pray for continued recovery.

  4. Barbara Challies says:

    Rick and Susanna, What an incredible sequence of events. Please give us more news when you are able.

  5. Neo says:

    Rose –I just prayed for you. May God help you and family through these hard times. God Bless. *hugz*

  6. Susanna Rose says:

    Thank you all so much for your prayers and support! It means so much not only to us, but even more towards Paul’s family and his continued recovery! You guys are awesome!

  7. maryanne helms says:

    susanna and rick-I had no idea things were so serious with Paul…and now things are looking better. What a blessing! I will be praying for him in the days to come….love you guys…!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for your prayers and kind words about Paul on your blog. We are so grateful for the friendship your family has shown ours, most especially your friendship to Paul. Jon Fidero

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