Oh Baby!

Welcome to my newest addition to the blogging world! I knew I needed to start a pregnancy blog when I found out Christmas Eve that I was pregnant and man, though it has taken me a while to get it off the ground, at nine weeks and seeing the second trimester in sight, here it is…finally!

I’m so excited to be pregnant, not only because I love children and have always looked forward to being a mother, but also because this child will reflect both his/her mother and father in a very tangible way. Holding our baby, Rick and I will truly be part of a little unit, a family of our very own!

Waiting for baby to really make an obvious appearance (full, pregnant belly and not the growing but not obviously pregnant thing going on right now:) has made me realize that not only are my motherly instincts kicking in already as I worry a lot about the baby’s health/well being, but I am also feeling more motivated than ever to pray, pray, pray! The great thing is that once I start praying for the baby, I usually start praying about other things too so God is using this pregnancy for good in more ways than one!

Well, let me leave some quick answers to the popular pregnancy questions:

1. Are we going to find out the sex of our baby? I just don’t know yet! I keep on going back and forth though my husband definitely feels that he wants to know so we’ll see! He and I’ll have to battle it out and come to some firm resolution before that appointment comes!!

2. Do we have names picked out? Oh, definitely! Though I have told way more people than I probably should so far, I am going to keep them a secret for as long as I can on this site! I will say though that all our picks are traditional and many biblical (especially with the boy names).

3. Are we going to spend 50 grand creating the world’s most spendorous nursery for our baby? Nope, we’re working on a modest budget and that includes hopefully getting by with just a change table/chest of doors and an adjustable crib but in terms of furnishings BUT it’ll be a cozy, cute little room. We’ll make sure of that!
P.S. Any ideas of how/where to get good deals on baby gear would be appreciated!

4. Will I work or stay home with baby? I am currently finishing up my English degree (I’ll be done at the end of May!) and hope to get a good free-lancing writing business going before or after that time. As I plan to be a stay at home mom and even home-school in the future, free-lancing would be the perfect job for me as I could make a little money and do what I love with out jeopardizing what I desire my role as wife and mother to be!

5. What am I most excited about as I awaite baby? Besides what I’ve already written, I am also really excited to see what baby is going to look like and what he/she is going to be like! There is nothing I hope for more than that Rick and I will be loving, wise parents who will not only teach our child(ren:) to love and serve God but also demonstrate in our daily lives that we walk what we talk. I hope that baby will know how much we love him/her from day one and grow to love, respect and appreciate us in return. I pray that he/she will be a bold, disciplined, inquisitive, loving, sincere, assured, content/positive and confident person who, alas, will not have to grapple with some of mom’s less attractive character traits (such as negativity!) No matter what though, God knows what He is doing as he creates this little one so I will just trust and fully embrace whoever he is forming baby to be! I’m so thankful that He is control, He is creating this child specifically for us and He knows what we need!!!

More to come very soon!

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7 Responses to Oh Baby!

  1. sfmommy says:

    I somehow managed to stumble across your other blog and then I saw this name. You have the absolute best name for a pregnancy blog! I love it! God bless you and your growing baby. At nearly 20w pg, there is no way to describe how incredibly miraculous it feels to have a little one growing inside you. Nothing people said to me pre-pg could have prepared me for how swiftly I would fall in love with this little surprise bundle, or how amazing it would be to feel him kick around in my belly.:-) I think it’s telling that many of the most beautiful passages in scripture are women pouring out their hearts before the Lord in thanksgiving for opening their womb.Blessings from one young mommy to another!~laura (baby due June 28,’06)

  2. Rick says:

    Exciting indeed. #1- yes we will =)#2- the names are Rumplestilskin or Methusela #3- this would be a consession to the husband#4- people ask my wife this question in a tone that says “being a mom is not enough work” but I also note that most of these people do not have any children yet. #5- you forgot “poopy diapers”

  3. heidi says:

    Susanna, I loved reading this post. It is so nice to see another mommy so excited about what God is giving her. I will continue reading often!

  4. bchallies says:

    Susanna, I think the love of a parent for a child is one of the strongest emotions in all of creation. What an absolutely perfect way for God to help us understand His love for His own children. Once you are a parent yourself, this is no longer just a platitude!

  5. Grace says:

    Hey…I am so excited for you! I can’t wait to see the baby! You will be great parents don’t you worry. I love Rumplestillskin Rick…very inventive=)

  6. jana says:

    Susanna, Your pregnancy blog looks wonderful!! I am excited to be able to read all that is happening with your little one as it grows! Just one more “nudge” to wait on the sex—It is truly SO MUCH FUN to have that surprise at that indescribeable instant when your baby is placed in your arms—all the little details will really work themselves out—just think about what that moment will be like!! Worth waiting for in my opinion (but, if you do find out ahead of time—I want to know!) ha!Anyway, I am also glad you went with the Womb with a View name! Yeah!!

  7. maryanne helms says:

    Susanna-Wow, your belly has grown so much in the past few weeks. I honestly think pregnancy has made you look better than ever. A few extra pounds truly make you look lovely. And your haircut just adds to the mom-to-be sophistication. Love,Maryanne

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