Baby's Breathing!

I put more details of the appointment on my other blog (a womb with a view) but I just had to post here too that we saw our little baby today and he/she’s breathing and going strong! 10 weeks…approximately a mere thirty to go!;)

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8 Responses to Baby's Breathing!

  1. Using up the words.... says:

    EXCITING!!!!And wow, when you say 30 weeks to go, it just sounds so short a time. I know it’s going to fly. :)

  2. Barbara Challies says:

    Wonderful stuff!

  3. Ryan says:

    God is Awesome! I’m glad everything is well.

  4. Susanna says:

    Hello to you too!We Susanna’s are few and far between……… least when spelt the biblical way.May God keep you and your babysafe in themonths ahead. hope you were taking notes on Amy’sname dilemma!

  5. Jeph and Heidi says:

    That is so exciting…I know every step makes this all so much more of a reality. God is so good.

  6. Grace says:

    YAY!!! THAT is so exciting! I can’t wait to see your little one.

  7. Neo says:

    Rose – Good to hear!Happy Valentines Day!Peace, Hugs, & Roses!- Neo

  8. Daniel says:

    How does one’s navel gaze?

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