The Beauty Of A Heartbeat

Our baby’s breathing!!!

Well, I just got back from the doctors and thankfully, my 10 week appointment brought joy and excitement with it…and a little suspense! When the doctor’s assistant tried to find the baby’s heart beat, none could be found and well, I was starting to freak out and thought all my worst fears were being realized! Thankfully though, since no heartbeat could be detected, she did an internal ultrasound and there was our baby, little heart fluttering and everything and he/she has grown much too, no longer the little sea horse that he/she was 4 weeks ago!:) I was so glad that Rick was able to see the baby too since he wasn’t at my last appointment. God has heard our constant prayers and been gracious as always. Now, though I’m sure I’ll still be battling worry in the coming month, I feel like I can breath a little more easily!

Also, I got my lab tests back and feeeeew…!

* I don’t have AIDS (man, I was really worried about that one!;)
* I am not a Cystic Fibrosis carrier
* I don’t have Gonorrea (wow, another shocker!!!!!!:)
*I am not immune to the chicken pocks (children with red, itchy bumps, stay away from me!!!!)

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6 Responses to The Beauty Of A Heartbeat

  1. bchallies says:

    We pray for that little one every day!

  2. Ryan says:

    God is awesome! I’m glad everyone is well.

  3. maryanne helms says:

    susanna-so happy for you guys. Little seahorse is getting bigger and healthier all the time. enjoy your day tomorrow with Mom, cleaning and visiting!Love,Maryanne

  4. Jana & Kane says:

    Susanna,So glad that your appointment went well and that you and Rick both got to see your baby…it IS an amazing thing for sure…I was always nervous and excited on the days of my monthly appointments. Once you start feeling kicks you won’t be so scary worrying if everything is ok…those frequent little kicks in your side will be SO reassuring. We love you all (3) very much!

  5. Mella says:

    Whew! I’m so excited for you – and thrilled that you were able to see your little one with a thriving heartbeat! Congrats!

  6. Rick says:

    Yes, our baby has graduated from seahorse to little fisher price shaped person. Actually, I’m not very good at reading sonograms. It’s like those 3d pictures you stare at- I never see them. But the heart was flickering away, so that’s the important part!Jana- little kicking reassurances will be good!

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