So Tired!

12 weeks, tired, tired, tired, excited, tired, looking ahead to the second trimester and having dreams about baby in my many power naps I’ve been taking throughout the day, usually in the car or anywhere safe and hidden!:) I’m tired!!!

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6 Responses to So Tired!

  1. Grace says:

    Just don’t fall asleep driving

  2. Jordana says:

    i can definately relate…start looking for those more energetic days! hang in there!

  3. bchallies says:

    Hang in there, Hon. You can count down the days until you are finished with school.

  4. maryanne helms says:

    Susanna-I am sorry that you are so tired. In just a few weeks you will be an energizer bunny. That second trimester is really swell. Love you,Maryanne

  5. heidi says:

    The second trimester is MUCH better!! I think I had more energy during my second trimester than I did pre-pregnancy! :)

  6. jana says:

    Susanna, You may be tired, but I know you are glowing on the inside as well. Hang in there girl—and you’ll have more energy soon! :)Keep me posted on how everything is going!

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