– 4 Degrees?!

“Lets go to Canada!
Let’s leave today,
Canada, oh Canada,
I s’il vous plait!”

As I prepare to jet off to “the true north strong and free” (aka Canada) in a few days, I decided to check the weather out today and darn, it ain’t looking too toasty!!:) While it is 57 degrees in Atlanta today, a nice but fairly cold day in my mind, it is 24 degrees F, or -4 degrees C, in Toronto! It looks like there is some snow on the way by Wednesday and then some more next week while I’m there.

I love going back to my homeland and I love the cold and snow in theory but it’s been a few years since I’ve experienced a real winter and I must admit I’m a bit nervous! I don’t even have a real winter coat for crying out loud! I did learn a few secrets living in a cold climate though which I have not forgotten living hear and becoming a wuss! They are: always wear an undershirt underneath layers for extra warmth, keep neck warm, always wear long johns (or long underwear:), wear thermal socks…they can come thin as well as thick…and remember those mittens!

Anyways, it will be good to see my awesome friend Lauren, my brother and his family as well as a few other people hopefully! My sister-in-law Aileen is pregnant too so it will be fun to talk about babies with her and gain wisdom as this is her third on the way! Unfortunately Rick can’t come because of work…this is our first time away from each other since being married so it will be weird! I’m glad that he is so willing to let me take this trip though and it is just at the right time as later in pregnancy, after the baby arrives, etc, going on long trips will probably be out of the question for a while.

Until Friday, I’m going to keep checking the Toronto weather and praying an EXTREME warm front will move in!!

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6 Responses to – 4 Degrees?!

  1. Mella says:

    It’s 13 degrees F here this morning…I have little sympathy. I hope you have a wonderful trip though! =)

  2. jana says:

    Susanna– I hope you have agreat time with your brother and his family as well as Lauren. Yes–stay warm—I don’t envy you one bit—I do NOT enjoy cold weather or snow–but I know it will be fun for you to be back “home”.We’ll try to keep Rick company while you are gone!

  3. rick says:

    Yes, I still find the Canadian heritage a bit questionable for my ever freezing wife. Its like the joke about the baby polar bear who goes to his mom and asks “mom, am I really a polar bear?”She says “yes of course you are.” Then a little later he asks “mom, are you SURE Im a polar bear?” The momma bear says “yes, I’m a polar bear, your dad is a polar bear, so you are a polar bear. Why do you keep asking?” Baby- “Because I’m freezing my @ss off!”

  4. bchallies says:

    Susanna, it certainly IS cold here- really penetrating. ‘Sorry to do this to you, but be prepared for it to feel worse than you remember!

  5. Anonymous says:

    You should borrow your mom’s 80’s barn jacket. :) If you don’t know that story, ask her what I’m talking about… Pat

  6. Son of Man says:

    Got the allusion Five Iron Frenzy. Well done.

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