Lord, Help Her Unbelief!

When I was a child, I spoke and thought like a child! My parents love to recount a story from when I was six or seven years old. They were reading the bible story out loud from 2 Kings of the young boy who dies but when Elisha the prophet stretches himself over him, the boy wakes from the dead and sneezes seven times. Well, when I first heard the part that day about the seven sneezes, I immediately said to my parents with much conviction, “I don’t belief it.”

Confused as to what I was referring to, mom and dad thought they had a little skeptic on their hands and asked in concern, “What don’t you believe?”

I replied fervantly, “the boy couldn’t have sneezed seven times!” Needless to say, mom and dad felt a little relieved and I’m sure couldn’t help but chuckle!

I tell this story because I wonder sometimes what questions I/we will be asked by our child(ren:) as they grow. There will be many I’m sure and I pray that when they do ask those questions concerning matter of faith that they will ask them with a true thirst to know and learn, both from us as their parents and from their own exploration of the bible.

Whether relatively simple/trivial questions like the one above or ones that show a more serious confusion and/or doubt, it is one of my most passionate prayers as a future parent that their hearts will truly be penetrated by a relationship with Christ at an early age and that they will hungrily seek, find, trust and believe.

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2 Responses to Lord, Help Her Unbelief!

  1. jana says:

    Susanna, I think about those sames things often. Longing to see Mara Kate grow and learn more about her King and His Word—and just pray that I will be able to direct her well. I think you will continue to pray that prayer for your entire life, when it comes to watching your children grow closer to the Lord.

  2. bchallies says:

    Talk, talk, talk to your kids; love them as friends (in an age-appropriate way); pray, pray, pray, and expect God to bless your parenting beyond what those best efforts will “merit.”

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