A Series Of Bellies!

From March to May, a series of belly shots in order of time (and a few of my honey and I:)! The belly obviously grows, but has stayed at relatively the same size for a few weeks now. It’s weird but it almost seems to look bigger and/or smaller, depending on the day BUT one thing is certain…no one’s been questioning I’m pregnant for a while now! “Is there a bun in the oven?” or “You’re such a cute pregnant lady”(my favorite;) are among common questions/comments now. Baby Micah is well fed though and keeping his mama hungry and always ready to feel some kicks! At 25 weeks now, there’s only approx. 3 months to go…can you believe it?! I sure can’t but I’m SO excited!!!!

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8 Responses to A Series Of Bellies!

  1. Mella says:

    You look beautiful Susanna!And only three months to go! Can you believe how quickly time has flown?

  2. Rick says:

    agreed on the beautiful Susanna! hmm.. so does that mean third trimester yet? i guess I should know this…

  3. Grace says:

    Oh so sweet! I love it!

  4. Mom R. says:

    Oh so adorable. I can’t believe how quickly little Micah will be here!! I’m excited too!

  5. bchallies says:

    You’re such a cute pregnant lady…Heard that before?

  6. Johannah says:

    You ARE a cute pregnant woman! Still so tiny,with such a HUGE belly. (All of me gets big.) I can’t wait to meet your Micah. That name was on our boy list too. It’s a good one.By the way,thanks for your encouragement on my blog.It really gives me a thrill to know people enjoy my inner thoughts.

  7. daniel says:

    I think I would definitely make a cuter pregnant lady.

  8. Steph says:

    omigosh… u look so pretty pregnant, susanna :-)

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