Shower Time

This morning a church friend and I got together to discuss plans for a baby shower we’re hosting in a few weeks which is not just your average, ten-twenty something gathering…there is a possible turn out of 74 people! Yup, we’re going to have our work cut out for us deciding where to hold the shower, sending out all the invitations, getting enough food prepared, etc, etc but it should be fun…and a rewarding feeling as well! If anyone has experience hosting showers and/or has been to some fun showers, please feel free to provide suggestions for games, food, decor, etc!:) Ta ta for now!

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9 Responses to Shower Time

  1. Steph says:

    games…hm.there’s always Uno

  2. daniel says:

    I know plenty of fun games to play in the shower…the key is just be very creative.

  3. bchallies says:

    I’ll be interested, as well!

  4. gamullet says:

    You can host it here. Put Mom in charge of games and decorations. You know how she loves that sort of thing.Dad

  5. Neo says:

    Rose – Good luck with the shower. You might want to checkout Jen from Mind Blowing Insanity. (She’s listed on my blogroll) She just got down hosting a baby shower for someone. Sounds like she has the planning down. I’m sure she could give you some good advice.Peace & Hugs,- Neo

  6. Susanna Rose says:

    Steph-Uno…but that’s a card game and I can never figure them out!;)Daniel-:)Mom-you and Maryanne are feeling like me I’m sure since you’re planning a shower too(on a smaller scale to be sure!:)dad-ya right!Neo-THANKS! I’m definitely going to check out her blog…sounds perfect!

  7. Rick says:

    Uno seems like a good idea to me. I would say if you want to invite 74 people, make the shower BYOB and BYO-everything else as well. Actually, I agree with daniel, what about those spungy animal shaped things that you can paste onto the shower wall? Those are always fun. Or I used to have a little stuffed fish that turned colors in hot and cold water.

  8. Alicia says:

    S u s a n n a Rose!Long time no see, or blog-comment on my part!. I have enjoyed looking at all your beautiful soon-to-be-mother pictures with your cute belly and reading over some of your old posts. You’re still quite the writer! I love you and miss you. Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past few months…year! You look precious pregnant! Yay for you!!!!

  9. Susanna Rose says:

    Alicia…GREAT to have you back! Don’t worry about being MIA but do start coming back again when you have the time! Hope you’re doing well!!!

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