Precious Little Children

Rick and I are in Canada for the next two weeks…drove approx. 16 hours to Toronto yesterday and then it’s on to Montreal later this afternoon, Quebec City on Monday or Tuesday and the East Coast (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island) for the rest of the trip!

Right now, we’re having tons of fun with my brother and sister-in-law and their beautiful little brood, including 3 week old Michaela! More pictures of our trip to come hopefully in the coming days! Stay tuned!

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6 Responses to Precious Little Children

  1. bchallies says:

    Thanks for posting the pictures!

  2. Alicia ward says:

    Susanna, I hope you have so much fun and congrats on finishing KSU!!! How exciting! ;)Have fun in Canada enjoying each and every minute of rest and activity!In Jesus,Aliciap.s. who took the pictures of Tim’s kids?? They are beautiful!!! (Both the kids and the photos).

  3. daniel says:

    So I guess we aren’t supposed to hold you accountable for the whole I’m-going-to-post-every-day thing during your trip, huh?

  4. Neo says:

    Rose – Hmmmm, Canada must be a popular spot this time of year. One of the girls at my office just headed up that way.Have a great time! Peace & Hugs,- Neo

  5. Grace says:

    What cute little babies! I can’t wait to see Michaela

  6. Steph says:

    aww she’s precious!

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