Hello, Bonjour, Gutentag, etc…

Where do I begin? I got back a month ago from our amazing Canadian road trip (*all pictures from our trip to Quebec, P.E.I., Nova Scotia and New Brunswick) and then kind of fell into a slump…too much heat, a big heavy belly, tiredness and an overwhelming prepartom anxiety/restlessness to just get the next phase of our life going.

This summer reminds me of the one two years ago when I was anticipating my wedding day. All the major plans were set early in the spring and so I had until September 4th to wait, wait and wait. All the time seemed to set me back rather than forwards in some ways as I began to worry, over-think and even feel a little depressed. Needless to say, I completely suck at waiting. I am the most impatient person. Now, I have until August 23rd or longer before I meet my son. I know it is not a long way off now but it seems like light years today! I want to know he’s healthy and well, safe and secure in this world and out of the unknowns of his womb life. I want to see him breath, kick and squirm in my arms. I don’t want to stress over counting his movements per hour anymore or whether I’m doing anything to harm him in some way.

Now, a random question…I’d be curious to here opinions on this matter. Our soon- to- be- here son’s name, Micah, is the shortened form of Micaiah (both Old Testament prophets)…should we just stay with Micah or should his full/Christian name be Micaiah (we’d pronounce it with 2 long “i” sounds…M-i-c-i-ah… and we’ll probably just call him Micah for the most part? Maybe we’re starting to overthink this whole name thing but when Rick mentioned it last Friday as a possibility, the wheels started turning a bit. I’d love to know anyone elses opinion on this matter!

What to do, what to do!

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8 Responses to Hello, Bonjour, Gutentag, etc…

  1. bchallies says:

    Hang in there, Hon! Remember Aunt Frances’s words: “Most of life is waiting.” Even the saints under the throne in Revelation are crying out, “How long,O Lord God of Heaven and earth, before you avenge our blood that was shed on earth?”…and these are perfected people! … As to name, my vote would be plain Micah – short and simple…Finally, thanks for posting the pictures. They are wonderful…We are praying for you!

  2. rick says:

    Impatient? why, I didn’t notice….Remember what St. Francis’s words: “most of life is waiting for the birds.” wait nevermindI think Micaiah has a more obvious jewish sound for those who think Micah is a modern name. But at the same time it is always confusing for me to say “hi I’m Rick,” and hand someone a business card that says “Richard.” In any case though, I dont really care what anyone else thinks =)

  3. Grace says:

    Susanna…beautiful pictures! I want to go there=) I think that you should stick to Micah…I just like the sound of it better…

  4. Mella says:

    Welcome back to the blogosphere! Great pictures – you’re carrying your son beautifully and it looks like you had a relaxing and wonderful vacation!As far as the name goes – I’m no help. He’s your son, and whichever spelling/pronunciation you choose will be perfect for him. Perhaps wait to make the ultimate decision until you meet him face to face?Speaking of which – trust me, two months from now, you’ll be holding your son, looking back and thinking “Man, time flies!” Hang in there! =)

  5. daniel says:

    You’re back! Lonely mornings at work now have more meaning…As far as worrying about him being in the unknowns of the womb or whatever…I remember back when I was born, I didn’t want to leave, man. It was nice and warm in there.My vote: Micah

  6. Jentine says:

    HiyaYou havn’t blogged in a bit and I missed you. Glad to see you’re back. I was hoping you could email me at jentine@gmail.com and give me your address. i realize that your baby is due right when we’re getting married but i’d still like to send a fabulous invite. Teehee. As for waiting. The fact that you had your wedding planned so far in advance kills me. I have 6 weeks to go and so much more work to do. The weeks are going by too fast. My dress is barely started….jentine

  7. Neo says:

    Rose – Wonderful pictures! Welcome back! :)Don’t worry August will be here before you know it. Then you’ll have your little baby Leo. :)Good luck with the name. Isn’t Miciah also a form of Michael?Peace & Hugs,- Neo

  8. heidi says:

    Do you both take pictures?? Really..those are some gorgeous pictures. Photography is one of my undeniable passions in this life! I have recently been shopping (for the future) for a good digital SLR…any suggestions?(i LOVE the pregnant/water pic–awesome!!!!)

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