The Nursery Progresses, Part 2!:)

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8 Responses to The Nursery Progresses, Part 2!:)

  1. jana says:

    Lookin’ good—it’ll be no time before little Micah is cuddled in your arms looking up at you as you rock him to sleep in that beautiful rocker. :)

  2. maryanne helms says:

    Lokking good, Susanna. A great job with the vintage theme:)

  3. bchallies says:

    Like the others, I can only say, “looking good.”

  4. Susanna Rose says:

    Thanks! I’m glad I’m on the right track with decorating!

  5. rick says:

    Jana – winnie the pooh and friends are going to have to make room before Micah can do any rocking in that chair =)I have to say that’s a great paint job on those walls and that dresser. Who did it anyway?

  6. Jordana says:

    Adorable nursery!! Hey and congratulations on being FULL TERM!! Won’t be long now, just hang in there! I’m due tomorrow been looking for baby for weeks though! Haha

  7. Lauren says:

    Anna…you look so beautiful and happy. I can’t wait to see pictures of Micah! I told Shanni how soon you’re due and she’s super excited too. I really wish I could come visit at the end of August :(. Maybe I’ll get to see you, Rick and the little new addition at Christmas time :). I’m leaving for B.C. Saturday!!! I don’t know where I’m living yet or how I’ll be getting to school every day…haha…thank goodness we serve a God who loves performing miracles!

  8. Grace says:

    So cute…love it

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