Belly Rules

“Hi Susanna,
To be as comfortable as possible and get the most sleep while you’re pregnant, avoid sleeping on your belly or on your back.” ~Pregnancy Weekly
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Pregnancy Weekly tells me today that I should not be sleeping on my belly or back…gee, really?! All these months I’ve been suspended in mid air, sleeping on my baby and wondering why I’m so uncomfortable (just joking!:)

It is a fact though that learning how to attain optimal comfort and rest where my ample belly is concerned takes a lot of thought and pillows! I have 3 small pillows that follow me to bed now; one to support my back (since I follow the rules and sleep on my side;), another underneath my belly and a third between my legs which supposedly helps the flow of nutrition to the placenta. Interesting! Micah will be full of health!

What will happen if I sleep on my back? Well, theories vary. Some say baby will almost immediately lose blood flow, others say it is just me that will lose blood flow and circulation, while further speculation is that those who sleep on their backs while pregnant bare strange, extra-terrestrial species. This one obviously scares me the most so I will not sleep on my back again until Micah is born safe, sound and fully human! But since this position does tend to be my favorite, I can’t wait to enjoy it again!

Oh the sacrifices we mother’s make!!;)

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6 Responses to Belly Rules

  1. daniel says:

    Just abandon sleep altogether for a while and sit up every night watching TV and eating pickles and ice cream.

  2. Susanna Rose says:

    Ice cream sounds great but pickles? Hmmm!:)

  3. bchallies says:

    I can just see you on your belly, tipping back and forth!

  4. Grace says:

    Good thing you’ve prevented popping out and alien

  5. Jordana says:

    wow…10 days!! It’s getting close…I’m sure you are so ready to meet Micah! Hang in there these last few days…it will all be so worth it when he is born! :-)

  6. Mom R. says:

    As I mentioned before, I really believe God prepares moms for the upcoming lack of sleep for feedings every 2, 3, or 4 hours. Those nights can be so long (or short) and days so tiring. But it’s all so worth it. And before you know it – your firstborn is having his firstborn! Or your baby is a senior! Time – such a blink of an eye. But back to the topic, I hope you get lots of sleep the best you can.

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