Sweet Valentine's Day Memories

3 reasons I love Valentine’s Day:

1. It was ninth grade and after being either home schooled or attending a small Christian school, I began my high school years at the local public high school, Ancaster High. In comparison to my former years of schooling, Ancaster High seemed incredibly daunting and I became just another number among thousands of students. I knew no one save a Jehovah’s Witness who was not allowed to have me over or come to my house, therefore making our friendship understandably difficult. Anyhow, on Valentine’s Day of that year, when all the students were buying paper hearts and candy for each other, I had no reason to think anyone was buying for me. I was in for a sweet surprise. That year I got not only one but two red hearts with candy…from my older sister Maryanne who was two grades ahead of me and was always looking out for her fragile younger sibling. Fortunately, later years saw gifts from friends but nothing could measure the thankfulness and relief I felt that day, not to mention the bliss of knowing my sister’s love.

2. A friend and I who had never experienced having a special someone on Valentine’s Day once decided to give each other flowers and enjoy the day whether we had a guy or not! I bought her half a dozen tulips and I just remember how fun it was to make her Valentine’s Day special as well as reminding me that single or not, there is every reason to have a special day!

3. My first Valentine’s Day with a date, my future husband, was well worth waiting for! Not only did I get a dozen roses and a swanky dinner out, but Rick revamped a note book I had given him a few months before to write devotional notes in. Secretly thinking it “too girly,” he filled it instead with bible verses, thoughts about us and even a poem he had written just for me! I was floored he would take the time to make me such an original gift…one I will always treasure!

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4 Responses to Sweet Valentine's Day Memories

  1. Neo says:

    Rose – Happy V Day. Peace,- Neo hunhjon

  2. jana says:

    Susanna, I hope you have a very special day with your TWO Valentines! Rick and now, Micah too :) Blessings!

  3. bchallies says:

    Interesting and touching memories. I know Rick is taking very good care of you again today. Have fun!

  4. Mella says:

    Happy Valentines Day, Susanna! (I think the business that goes along with motherhood keeps me from leaving more comments as well – though I do look always forward to reading your posts…and your pictures – Micah is just the most handsome little guy!)

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