Thought for Sunday: Spiritual Commitment

“There is a time when every person who
encounters Jesus, who believes Jesus is the Son of God, decides
that they will spend their life following Him. Some people, like the
Apostle Paul, make this decision the minute they meet Him, the
minute they become a Christian. Others, like the Apostle Peter,
endure years of half-hearted commitment and spiritual confusion
before leaping in with all their passion. Still others may enjoy some
benefits of God’s love and grace without entering into the true joy
of a marriage with their maker.”

~Donald Miller, Blue Like Jazz

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3 Responses to Thought for Sunday: Spiritual Commitment

  1. Rick says:

    Interesting quote. Unfortunately I’m a Peter, prone to wander. Paul is only my middle name =)

  2. maryanne helms says:

    Great thoughts, espcially for a sleep-deprived Mom. It’s so good to read books that stimulate your mind…as we were talking about yesterday. There are so few opportunities anymore for that- take them while you can!

  3. bchallies says:

    Interesting quote, but I must disagree with the Peter perspective. I think he was absolutely whole-hearted from the beginning.He went back and forth from light to shadows as one in that transitional phase from Old to New Testament; he was obviously weak when he denied Christ, but half-hearted is not a term I can see fittting him at all!

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