Baring Today's Fashions

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” ~Mark Twain

I honestly hate to clothes shop but I love clothes and feeling fashionable. From the time I was a little girl, putting together an outfit has been an artistic outlet for me-much thought and creativity is put into each element and I like to take chances (or at least I used to when I had more time and energy!;) Working on a tight budget is always the catch and thus I always seem to find myself in stores such as Rue 21, Charlotte Russe, Old Navy or Target and more for less has always been my buying philosophy!

Anyways, modest dressing is always a hot topic in Christian circles and though I definitely understand the concern behind these discussions, I often feel the writer has not delved into the real crux of the matter and that is: Well, what exactly do we wear then? Show me pictures, give me practical suggestions but don’t just leave me with a vague, “be modest” and “don’t tempt your brothers in Christ.”

The most basic and easy choices I think a woman can make to look trendy are to pick cute accessories and a flattering, current hair style. I have yet to see an immodest purse, shoe, belt or jewelry item. Worn with the wrong outfit, any of these things can appear immodest but that is only because of the over all image the item of clothing may convey. So wear those huge platform wedge sandals that are all the rage this season, the logo print bangles, over-sized purses, chunky necklaces and belts. Don’t wear your hair shaved or in an eighties puff perm and you’re all set to go!

Is a woman supposed to hide her curves in an outfit? I think it is pretty self-evident that consciously baring parts of certain assets is suggestive and immodest. As much as we may attempt to justify our decisions, some are just obviously BAD choices on so many levels. What of our curves though? Is a shapeless jumper the only really righteous outfit? I believe modestly playing up our shape is a good thing and setting apart our bodies from the male species declares we are built differently and beautifully. For example: Wearing jackets and button down shirts with defined waist lines or defining the waist by adding a belt, flared jackets paired with skinny jeans to accentuate the curve of the waist, brighter pants with a more subdued top to accentuate the bottom half, pockets on the back side of jeans to give the appearance of having a bigger caboose. You know what I’m saying and I know there are many more ideas I have not mentioned!

Of utter importance I suppose is who we are dressing for, our intentions and desires to please or impress others (and I have often heard it said we ladies subconsciously care most about impressing other women with our attire when we are out and about), etc. “You look so cute!” fills us with a one of a kind adrenaline/self-confidence rush I’m sure all women can attest to. I suppose this rush is the result of the pride which infiltrates us all but as much as we need to be mindful of intentions, it should not be taken to a legalistic, “kill joy” degree. We should desire to find our identity inwardly and not with outward appearance but make no mistake that how we feel on the inside will be reflected outwardly in our total appearance for good or ill.

There are some trends I will be staying clear of this season such as the teeny, tiny mini skirt, but all in all, I believe it perfectly possible to have a sound conscience while also looking current and cute!

Please share your thoughts, beliefs and/or ideas on fashion and modesty!

( Guys out there, I would love to know your thoughts and if you disagree with my beliefs on modest dress, please explain your reasoning but remember there is no going back to pioneer era fashions for us ladies and hence, there is only so much we can do!!:)

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10 Responses to Baring Today's Fashions

  1. Neo says:

    Rose – I don’t remember the fashion bug gospel in the bible. But I will say this, I’m glad I’m a guy. A tshirt and a pair of jeans and I’m all set. I’m not saying that I want to look like a slob, but when you’re making your way through life, there should be more important things than what you wear. Some people in the church say those things because they either 1) Really do believe it is a sin to show your cute side. or 2) They don’t have one to show and it makes them jealous.At any rate, my 2 cents.Peace & Hugs,- Neo

  2. Grace says:

    I’m still bitter from Covenant…not much I can say…I think a girl knows whether she is looking modest or not…

  3. Susanna Rose says:

    Neo-I should have posted some versus from the bible concerning women and modesty but was hesitant to since they are so difficult to interpret in the midst of today’s culture but anyways, here’s two:”I also want women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God.” ~ 1 Timothy 2:9,10″Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. Instead it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.” ~ 1 Peter 3: 3,4Grace-Thanks…I’m sorry.

  4. Johannah says:

    Hey Sus,I just recently read something very insightful to me on this subject. A man wrote that he believes that men and women have been given different physical gifts, both to be used with care. Men, in general, have been given physical strength, if a man were to abuse the gift of his strength he could wound and overpower.A woman’s physical gift is a beautiful form. The abuse of this gift is to encourage the lusts of men.While neither sex can blame the other for their sins, neither should do anything to weaken the other.

  5. Susanna Rose says:

    I like that Jo and it makes a lot of sense! I wonder how much we as females abuse our feminine “powers” with out even meaning to! Probably all the time!

  6. maryanne helms says:

    Susanna-Reading your post made me realize I MUSt have some spring leggings. To emphasize my mommyish thighs and calves. Just kidding:). Yes, pioneering is out. Personally, my hubby lights up when I look good- it obviously means a lot to him when I am put together and made up. We are reflections of our husbands’ homes, and I think dressing nicely represents THEM well.

  7. bchallies says:

    Since reading your post, I have been pondering the idea of an immodest purse. It wouldn’t be possible, would it?

  8. Susanna Rose says:

    Maryanne-Yup, it is very true that looking nice for one’s spouse is very important as well as a reflection of things…well said!Mom-Ya know, when I think hard about it, I have seen bra purses before with almost a corset like black, lacy bra with pink ribbon or something so I suppose it is possible but generally, I don’t think it is thankfully!:)

  9. Rick says:

    I’ve got a great line coming out called “Porno Purse.” It’s going to be a hot seller!

  10. Shannon says:

    Looking well put together is important as it says a lot about yourself and who you are. Those girls/women who dress immodestly do not respect themselves and they do not demand respect from others. I believe that it is possible to find a balance between looking beautiful, confident and made up, but in a respectful fashion. I agree with Maryanne, Zubin loves it when I dress up and I love it when he makes the effort to look put together.

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