Be Loved For Your Soul (The Contemplations Of An Awkward Adolescent)

I’ve posted this before (a few years ago now) but decided to dig it up again as I am having issues accepting my body and over-all appearance these days. If there is anyone else sharing my struggles, I hope you will be encouraged. If only I had the wisdom now at 24 that I apparently had way back at 14!

* * *

I saw her on the cover of a magazine, perfect smile, perfect style, perfect make up. Peering through the mirror at myself, I saw endless flaws-a big nose that I thought too large, brows too thick and zits that looked all too numerous. How, I thought, can I be happy with myself? what was I thinking on those by-gone days when I actually felt confident with my appearance? Only a fool could miss the depressing truth-I am an ugly girl, never to find happiness or true fulfillment. what is more, I will not find recognition in this world. A dead future lay ahead of me.

for several days, I did what any fourteen year old girl would do. Felt sorry for myself, stood in front of the mirror, shopped, bought fashion magazines, and shopped and shopped and shopped! I tried on my new wares feeling once again confident with myself-but still the blemishes were there. I was not as tall as I wanted to be; 5’5″ as opposed to 5’10”, the height of the average super model.

Knowing I was bound in a trap that many teens find themselves in, I started taking seriously my situation. I concluded, and still feel, that fashion magazines and the media as a whole, have set a standard. You can be tall, slender, nicely stemmed and gorgeous, or, a second rate, average height attractive. Fortune may give you endless guys, fame and money-or, just a normal life, unnoticed by the world, but dearly loved by a few. The latter, I quickly decided, was a blessing I could not do with out. The world’s love lasts a day, my family and friend’s, a life time. The world is lured by beauty and fleeting charm, while, in my house, I am loved for my soul.

Most importantly, the world worships man, while I worship the Lord Jesus Christ, my God, my Creator and my best friend, who cherishes me as a father cherishes his child. He is not impressed by outward beauty or fame, but looks at the heart. He sees our sins as a mirror shows our outward blemishes, but to a greater extent. For all my inward sins and spots, I am not lost. If we believe on Jesus Christ, that he laid down his life on Calvary, forgiving the sins of all who follow Him, we become forever one of his dearly loved children. Our God then looks past the ugly, seeing the beauty inside of us.

Above Picture: Everyones’ favorite Ugly Betty…got to love her and her obliviousness towards outward appearance, etc!

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2 Responses to Be Loved For Your Soul (The Contemplations Of An Awkward Adolescent)

  1. bchallies says:

    Susanna, Dad told me yesterday of an article he read on, I think, Rick Pearcey’s website – about a German woman telling of her regrets in life…Someone who had “everything” except the things that truly count…Now looking back and regretting things she can’t possibly change..(the aborted babies etc.)…What a gift it is when God gives us a spirit of sanity while we are still young and our lives are in the making!

  2. Neo says:

    Rose – Well said. Most people overlook the heart part. We all have those moments of feeling like we are nothing and are ugly. We just need to understand what is causing us to become upset with who we are, both visually and mentally.Good luck in your search.Peace & Hugs,- Neo

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