The years have not been kind to many of them. I know them because the cursor drawn across their photos gives their names but between the 10 plus pounds of beer weight and give aways of a few too many hook ups in their deadened eyes, they’re hardly recognizable.

It makes me wonder for a second because to many of them I would not be recognizable. Not because I have followed in their post-high school/college life of excess, but because, well, I knew of most of them far more than they ever knew of me. At 16, that was depressing and fading into the drab white walls seemed to imprison me in a life far too ordinary, away from the excitement.

Their empty eyes now fill me with a compassion I never had for them then. Envy and lust but never a desire to see the popular happy. Their only constant companion now appears to be a full bottle of beer and at mid way between the beginning of adulthood and the end of their roaring twenties, they’re gonna need more. More to their lives.

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6 Responses to More…

  1. Mella says:

    Most will eventually figure this out, but there will always be a couple of familiar faces with vacant eyes and an underlying sadness at the emptiness their lives have brought.Through myspace, I’ve reconnected with a handful of people from high school, most of whom have made the leap from binge drinking to good jobs and marriage and “settling down.” But,there are still a few out there, and I do wonder if/when they’ll figure things out…

  2. Grace says:

    did facebook inspire you to write this??? :)

  3. Shannon says:

    yes, it sounds like facebook was the catalyst for this blog entry. I couldn’t agree with it more!!! I find it incredibly sad when I see old friends who once did have that spark and passion for life, now overweight (not that that has anything to do with real happiness…unless you are eating out of depression) and you can just tell that life is a series of drunken, blurry nights for them. One failed relationship after another and no real direction. I do feel for them…but they chose to do the things that they are doing. We just need to help them to realize their potential.

  4. Neo says:

    Rose – Hmmmm, I’ll drink to that. ;) *grin*Peace,- Neo

  5. Rick says:

    Not that I have too many old friends to discover, but it is weird seeing the drunken state of some.

  6. bchallies says:

    Poor Canada!

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