When A New Yorker Speaks

I’ve spoken to several New Yorkers in the last week, either by email or in person. I must say that blunt honesty is definitely their way of communicating and there is no time for many of the expected niceties I have become so accustomed too, especially in the south.

For example, when I spoke with a family friend living in Brooklyn, in a Cosby show-like row house her family has owned for years, her reply to my inquiry as to whether Rick and I might be able to stay there when we visit the city NEXT WEEK was confusing at first. Her reply was basically that we could stay but under the condition we would come and go without planning to visit with she and her family as they’d be too busy with other matters. Her tone was friendly enough but she simply did not want to mince words.

After the initial surprise though, I am confident this honesty is not a show of unfriendliness or ill will but rather proof that perhaps ones directness in communication directly corresponds to pace of life! I believe there are benefits to this bluntness too as the opposite approach can easily breed insincerity and hidden animosity. Of coarse though, I am mainly hypothesizing!

There is a love-hate relationship with their city that the natives seem to commonly speak of as well. They love their city and would never move away but yet are hesitant in encouraging us to move there. Is it really the unconquerable city? Does the possibility exist for Rick and I to find an apartment within our financial means while surviving on more than dog food, water and subway ticket stubs? Will we quickly be diminished to living tucked far below the city streets as mole people?

I want to believe that where there is a will there is a way and the more I hear the financial implications may be squelching, the more I want to defy the odds and meet this city head on!

* * * *
“The crime problem in New York is getting really serious.The
other day the statue of liberty had both hands up.”

~Jay Leno

P.S. I really am appreciating all your thoughts and advice! Knowing you want to journey with us means so much to me! I guess what I want to assure you all of is that we are taking the financial implications of this move very seriously and will keep you updated on those matters. Perhaps some of you will want to join us in New York if we can make it work! My prayer life is being challenged and I know God will make Rick and I stronger no matter what the outcome of this possible adventure!

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6 Responses to When A New Yorker Speaks

  1. Grace says:

    Hmmmm…well hopefully you will be able to answer some of your questions when you go there!

  2. Rick says:

    There are definitely stereotypes about New Yorkers, which are… true on the face of it. I find some of it to be a result of being in a major city. If you go to downtown Atlanta you find the same thing often.

  3. Shannon Smith says:

    I think that you are right when you say that there is a completely different pace being kept in NYC vs. anywhere else. I believe that the pace is different than most big cities just because it is NYC. NYC is truly different than other big cities. It is the hub of everything financial, scheduled, stressed, entertaining, bizarre, unique, shocking, demanding, dramatic and busy. I think that is what also gives them no time for deception or ingenuity. They just have enough time in their busy days to tell it like it is, not sugar coat it, and get on with things. I guess again, this could be a good thing or a bad thing. It may make it more difficult to meet new people if you are not the type to keep such a hectic schedule. I guess the only way to tell is to try it out! I do think that there is a softer side as well, one that involves the lingering walk through central park and enjoying a romantic dinner at an ethnic and delicious restaurant. So many layers to explore!

  4. Susanna Rose says:

    “I guess the only way to tell is to try it out! I do think that there is a softer side as well, one that involves the lingering walk through central park and enjoying a romantic dinner at an ethnic and delicious restaurant. So many layers to explore!”I love that Shannon! Let’s hope there is that softer side! I guess we’ll know a little more in a few days when we’re in New York!

  5. bchallies says:

    I’m sure a few days will give you many of the answers you need. We will be very interested in what your week brings…(If you get your phone up and running so we can communicate with you!)

  6. Daniel says:

    I have often been accused of having a New Yorker-esque bluntness about me. Also, when you move to New York, make sure you guys have a couch reserved for me when I come visit. :)

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