Our Little Boy

My randomness instincts have gotten the better of me today and though I will be primarily writing about our New York plans for the time being, there is still other subjects I must fill you in on, including that of Micah Nathaniel Rose, our pride and treasure!

Here are some pictures of Micah I took yesterday and along with the photos, I am including a poem (a favorite of mine), by Canadian poet Irving Layton. It’s entitled, “Song for Naomi” and though it is about Layton’s daughter, I decided to change some of the words and rewrite it for Micah! Though my son has yet to reach his first birthday, already I feel time moving ahead so quickly and thus, I think this poem perfectly expresses the overwhelming love a parent has for a child and as time sweeps them up, the wonder at their swift growth into adulthood. (Note: some words changed are italicized just in Ca’se you wonder which words are original and which aren’t!)

Song for Micah

Who is that in the tall grasses playing
By himself, near the water?
I can not see him
But can it be him
Than whom the grasses so tall
Are taller,
My son,
My handsome son?

Who is that in the tall grasses running
Beside him, near the water?
He can not see there
Time that pursued him
In the deep grasses so fast
And faster
And caught him,
My foolish son.

What is the wind in the fair grass saying
Like a verse, near the water?
Saviors that over
All things have power
Make Time himself grow kind
And kinder
That sought him,
My little

Who is that at the close of the summer
Near the deep lake? Who wrought him
Comely and strong?
Time but attends and befriends him
Than whom the grasses though tall
Are not taller,
My son,
My precious son.

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6 Responses to Our Little Boy

  1. Neo says:

    Rose – Oh man, he’s getting so big quick! Peace & Hugs,- Neo

  2. Grace says:

    Gosh he is such a cutie!!! Love the pictures and the poem.

  3. gamullet says:

    Sure miss the handsome little guy. Hope to see you Sunday.Dad

  4. Andria says:

    Those pictures are gorgeous Susanna, great job! He is incredibly cute. We missed you at playgroup today!

  5. bchallies says:

    Exquisite baby and exquisite poem!

  6. Shannon Smith says:

    I love those pictures and a very sweet poem. Whenever I hear a song written for or about someone’s child I always think of Mira. The song “There goes my life” by Kenny Chesney always makes me think of Mira.So sweet! Miss you!

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