Military Wife

“I want to check to make sure Peter’s still alive before we go!” Just a normal day in the life of a military wife.

My friend Jen has been married for nearly two years and for 10 months now, her husband has been in Iraq, unable to see her and their adorable 2 month old daughter Eden. He’s bound in a situation which promises nothing but uncertainty; all he can do is hope to be home at some point within the next year but for now, he must faithfully serve his country.

As Jen was explaining to me this afternoon before we left to hang out at Ikea, some soldiers have gone missing in Iraq and when this occurs, there is what is called a black out in which individuals in the military are unable to contact their families or even check their emails. She hasn’t heard from Peter since last Thursday. Basically, there is no way of knowing they are alive and well, save for the web site Jen wanted to go on quickly which gives an update of how many soldiers have died today and which regiment they’re in.

I wouldn’t want this burden for anything. I worry about Rick when he goes off to work each morning, fearing he’ll get in a car accident. I wouldn’t be able to cope going so long without seeing him, knowing he is safe, alive, etc.

It is women like Jen who must be saluted. While their husbands are away fighting, they must make it here on their own, often raising a little one or two solo as well. They have to be every bit as strong and courageous, waiting on the time when they will be with their other half again. They must support their husbands, knowing they may never see them again.

Pray for our soldiers but don’t forget their wives!

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6 Responses to Military Wife

  1. jana says:

    Susanna, My older sister has been through this and we lived through it with her during the time her husband was in Iraq. I agree with you 100% that the wives should be saluted as well—it would be a very hard thing to do what they do. I hope your friend and her husband are reunited again soon!Hope you are having a great week. Looking forward to having you and Micah here next week for lunch! :)

  2. Shannon says:

    Wow, that must be so incredibly difficult. I will think of your friend often, and the other wives who manage to be strong mothers to their children and strong wives while their husbands are off at war. I hope as well that he will be in touch again soon and that he will be able to return home to his loved ones soon.

  3. Vicki Small says:

    Wow. Thanks for personalizing this situation, Susanna. That isn’t a life I would choose, but our choices aren’t always clear-cut. We’re on vacation, so I’m more out of touch with news of the war than I would usually be; I had hoped, of course, that these men would have been found, by now.I just about drove my husband ’round the bend, in the first few years of our marriage. He worked for a large firm in town, but from time to time, he had to drive to job sites an hour or two away. If I knew about it, I was frantic, until he came back to town. There’s no logic to that; most accidents occur within a few miles of home, but I did worry–a lot. I guess God knew I wouldn’t make a good, strong, supportive, functioning military wife.My heart goes out to Jen and all military spouses (some are men, these days, of course).

  4. Vicki Small says:

    P.S. Thanks for the visit and comment!

  5. bchallies says:

    Wow!…Brings the reality of the war home!…Hope I can see Jen soon.

  6. Neo says:

    Rose – You’re right, they are fighting at home for their lives. Considering how they get treated by the systems while their spouse is away. A girl at my job’s husband is being sent to Iraq, and she preggers and due to give birth soon.Man, I can’t even imagine….Peace & Hugs,- Neo

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