Life Keeps Rolling

We’ve sold our little old Honda Civic (aka “junk heap”). Yep, Rick took a short drive around with a buyer interested in restoring it for his wife and the fact that it has no air conditioning, (though the air did turn on for the first time in months during the test drive), as well as no stereo did not deter this man!

Little “junk heap’s” photo shoot…actually not looking to shabby, huh?:)

As of now our Ford Taurus station wagon is either almost sold or up for grabs. I must say I’ll miss this car!

Rick will be in New York Friday to Wednesday tracking down an apartment for us…yes, I am taking a risk. Staying here and trusting that through phone calls and emailed pictures, I will be kept informed and he will decide on the perfect apartment for us! Pretty trusting, huh? I have faith in him!

What will I be doing while he is away? Preparing for a massive garage sale extravaganza on Saturday in Snellville, packing, seeing family, scrap booking and planning Micah’s early 1st birthday party (he’ll be 1 August 25) for friends which I hope will happen next Thursday night. We’ll have another party for family when we’re back in Atlanta for my sister’s wedding in August.

Life is busy!

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9 Responses to Life Keeps Rolling

  1. Daniel says:

    Is he crying, or just communicating his boredom with unique facial expressions?

  2. Susanna Rose says:

    He’s merely expressing his pure and utter delight with life (and perhaps he saw a cute chick at Stephanie’s grad ceremony, where these pictures were taken!;)

  3. Daniel says:

    That’s normally the face I make when I see a cute chick too.

  4. Mella says:

    Wow, things move quickly! I hope Rick finds you guys a great place…I don’t know if I could let my husband do the searching for us both. I’m too much of a control freak for that. Adorable pictures of Micah, by the way. Too cute!PS – Thanks for letting me know you got to read the Family Circle story – I’m glad you found it. =)

  5. rick says:

    Micah is a rock star!! He told me he wants to change his name to Axle Rose.Its a strange feeling to be selling off our vehicles. That civic was just a baby at 175k! And as for the apartment, I’ll find us a nice cardboard box someplace, don’t even worry about it. (A cardboard box with a fallout shelter of course mom.)

  6. Neo says:

    Rose – Good luck with the apartment. Have a great weekend.Peace & Hugs,- Neo

  7. Susanna Rose says:

    Mella, not only did I read your story in Family Circle but LOVED it so much I read it aloud twice…once to Rick and once to my mom!! They both LOVED it and couldn’t believe I knew such a talented writer! You rock!!:)

  8. bchallies says:

    Rick, Make sure it is a cardboard box with a fallout shelter AND two bedrooms…I intend to live dangerously – ie., I intend to visit!

  9. grace says:

    Sad that the junk heap is gone…I am so used to seeing that car around:) Love the pics of MIcah.

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