Prime Candidate

Rick writes:
I’ve been sent on a noble quest through many perils in search of the perfect apartment, the next Rose dwelling in New York City. I’ve prepared some photos of my favorite so far for the wife and decided to just post them here.

Front of the building… I thought, actually this is next door

A view of the street

Train station conveniently located right outside the door

Inside, beautiful exposed brick wall in the living room, 10 foot ceiling, hardwood floor molding
Also the living room, note the detailing on the wall.

Just left of the above
Bedroom opposite wall

Kitchen. A little hard to tell. there would be some room in the corner I am taking these pictures from for a table, there is nothing on that wall.

Please keep praying. Apartments go blazingly fast here. You don’t really have the luxury of checking things out, thinking about it, and getting back. You really have to jump on it when you find one. So pray that when we make our decision the apartment we choose is still available. Also pray that we survive the approval process. If we were denied, that is more time gone by and more likely the second choice would be gone.

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6 Responses to Prime Candidate

  1. Susanna Rose says:

    I love it babe! Both the outside and inside are beautiful and so is the neighborhood. The fact that it is in Park Slope too makes it perfect! Decisions, decisions! Love you!

  2. Neo says:

    Rose – Cozy looking, I love the hardwood floor and brickwork. Good luck to you and Rick.Peace & Prayer,- Neo

  3. Vicki Small says:

    If this one is gone before you decide, or (for whatever silly reason) you don’t survive the approval process, there’s also a chance that the truly perfect apartment for you guys will become available, although it isn’t now.Now…that ought to keep your minds going, for a while! ;o)

  4. Mella says:

    Looks very nice! Best of luck!

  5. Daniel says:

    I approve…just thought I’d let you know.

  6. Rick says:

    Well if Daniel approves, then this is the one.

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