In awe of history

This is Rick again, I’m too excited about todays events not to take over the blog and write about it…

I love baseball. And one of my goals in life is to see as many stadiums as I can. As a highschool grad I hit the streets to visit nearly all the stadiums in the northeast. Well today I added another stadium and one very few alive have knowingly visited. While sitting in a coffee shop researching Brooklyn history I came across a note of some baseball artifacts and I quickly rushed out to see them.

What you see above is the outfield wall of Washington Park. Home of the Brooklyn Dodgers, 1898-1912. This is the oldest remaining section of any stadium in the country. Casey Stengel played his Rookie year here.

Oddly enough, there are absolutely no markers or signs to alert the passerby to the significance of this wall.

The second location I visited was older still. 133 Clinton Street, the old clubhouse for the Brooklyn Excelsiors – a civil war era baseball team.
Plaque reads:
This house was the former home of the Brooklyn Excelsiors, baseball champions of the United States in 1860. Constructed in 1851, the building was once the Jolly Young Bachelors clubhouse. The Bachelors evolved into the Excelsiors baseball team. One of its pitchers, James Creighton, 307 Henry Street, Brooklyn, is said to have tossed the first curve ball. During the Civil War, the Excelsiors introduced the game to soldiers from various states. Because of its popularity, similar teams were established in other cities. Thus, baseball, as a national sport, can be considered as having its origins in Brooklyn.

And tomorrow I will visit the remains of Ebbets Field!

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4 Responses to In awe of history

  1. shannon says:

    So much history!! Sounds like you are thoroughly enjoying yourself!

  2. Daniel says:

    I dunno about actually introducing the sport to the rest of the country, but I know the Excelsiors were a very prominent team in the early days of the sport. In any case, however, these things you’re seeing now…you might have to make a second trip to the same locations come December. :)

  3. bchallies says:

    You will be a great tour guide, Rick, when we come to visit!

  4. Grace says:

    How cool Rick! Glad you are enjoying yourself amidst the stress of finding an apartment:)

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