Micah: Boy Of The Hour

I had been debating for several weeks whether or not to host an early first birthday party for Micah in order to celebrate with friends since that will be impossible around his actual birthday in August…in New York.

I think every child’s first birthday is a momentous occasion:), worth making an event of and so I did! With about 11 adults and three of his buddies, Diego, Eden and Mara Kate, we held the shindig last Thursday night at the elegant mansion/temporary residence of our dear friends Andre and Christy. It was a grand time!

Unfortunately, I only have a few pictures to share with you. Rick and I have not been able to upload the pictures we took and therefore, I can not show you pictures of, among other noteworthy items, his adorable Winnie The Pooh birthday cake! Ah well, enjoy these!

In order: Micah, Diego, Eden and Mara Kate:)

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6 Responses to Micah: Boy Of The Hour

  1. grace says:

    he certainly enjoyed that cake:)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Micah, Happy B’day sort of. We’ll miss you guys when you go to the big apple. But remember, goodbye doesn’t mean forever. But rather, just a long, long time.-Uncle Pat

  3. Mella says:

    Oh My! That is a fantastic cake-mess! Well done, Micah!

  4. jana says:

    Susanna, I am really glad you went ahead and decided to have this party. It was a great time—complete with party hats! (Mara Kate’s is in her toy box and if she sees it she brings it to me to put it on her head. :) It was so fun getting together with you guys and several other friends—Kane and I both said on the way home how much fun we had! :)Thanks for inviting us!

  5. rick says:

    what a good looking group of babies!

  6. CreditGenerator says:

    First birthday celebration is important both for child and parents. Unfortunately, kids at this age do not remember it. Therefore, such kind of pictures are great. I am a fan of birthday celebrations especially of my 3 year old daughter. So nice to see small happy faces!

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