Micah's picture on Babble.com!:)

Micah has officially had his modeling debut!:) A few weeks ago a photographer for the parenting website babble.com took his picture while we were at the Brooklyn Museum. Anyways, now it is on their website in the “Street Fashions” section along with the pictures of a few other adorable children…his does happen to be the main picture for the column heading which is fun!


1st. Click on http://www.babble.com/sectionhomepages/columns/index.aspx

2nd. Scroll down and see the column Street Fashions on the right hand side

3rd. Voila! Behold Micah’s adorable self as well as the other cuties pictured!

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3 Responses to Micah's picture on Babble.com!:)

  1. bchallies says:

    He does look adorable. Can you copy it somehow?

  2. Grace says:

    strange…I thought I posted a comment…such a cute picture:) The little model….

  3. Mrs. Miller says:

    Micah looks perfectly adorable! I’m sure this is the beginning of a bright modeling career! :-)

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