Delivering life, promoting death

Most Obstetricians would like to strip this world of children with disabilities. I am convinced of it. It is as though they have taken up Hitler’s cause for the perfect Aerion race 65 years later.

My friend Sharon, whom I met several months ago while at the playground with Micah, had an interesting story to tell today. She went to the same practice as I am going to this for this pregnancy and had the same doctor. This particular woman brought up the subject of abortion with me in the event that I might find out through tests that I was at risk for having a Downs baby, etc (I opted out of all the tests…what will be will be and he/she will be a perfect creation from God no matter what) . “Know that we can detect Downs Syndrome earlier in the first trimester now!” she said almost excitedly. Her reply when I said we’d be keeping the baby no matter what…”oh, really?”

Anyways, so Sharon was really in for an abortion speech. They discovered that both she and her boyfriend tested positive as carriers of Sickle Cell Anemia. Upon this discovery, the good doctor promptly began a matter- of- fact abortion discussion with her and as Sharon said, she (the doctor) was way to calm as she spoke about such a horrific subject. As if she was talking about dinner plans or something.

Thankfully Sharon stood up for her son (who did incidently have to be in the hospital for Sickle Cell as an infant but made it through safe and sound) and made it clear she fully intended to keep him but she said immediately after she ran out of the room crying. It made me sad to think of how hurt and alone she must have felt in that moment but glad at the same time that she would react so strongly. And even though she does not have a relationship with God, we can agree that human life is valuable and not even the worst of diseases or disabilities warrants taking it away.

On that note, you should read here, at their website Autism Bites, about a family in Salt Lake City who have 6 young children, ALL of whom have severe Autism, Aspergers Syndrome or a combination. What a story and what a mom! Now, what would happen if Autism and Aspergers could be detected in utero? The OBs would be jumping with glee at yet another reason to push abortion!

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3 Responses to Delivering life, promoting death

  1. Anonymous says:

    Susanna,I have always been 100% against abortion. But I was surprised at my reaction to it when I was pregnant with Vivian–the very thought of abortion would nearly send me into tears every time. Your friend’s reaction in the Dr.’s office, I believe, was a natural, God-given, gut reaction to the Dr.’s proposition to consider killing her unborn baby.I agree with you that many of these pre-natal tests are utterly unnecessary and only cause needless worry.What a great opportunity for you to share with your friend!Adrienne

  2. Grace says:

    great post!!!!

  3. bchallies says:

    What a good gut-instinct Sharon must have. We will try to remember to pray for her!

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