Oh Susanna!

This is Rick taking over the big pink website. I wanted to lavish some praise on my wife this Valentines season. (But she also posted today, so please also keep scrolling and read/comment on her post as well.)

First, for 3 1/2 years Susanna has been faithfully preparing the meals ably and well. But in the past month or so she’s taken it to a whole new level and discovered some master culinary skills! Here is a sampling of what I’ve been treated to in the evenings. We’ve had a wide variety of foods, all of them REALLY good, and quite nice looking too!

That’s Micah reaching for some of the yumminess – we didn’t actually serve hands and fingers.

Steak and Peppers

Pasta with Broccoli, and spicy turkey sausage. Mmm!!!

Lentil Soup with spinach. She made it again with red lentils and it made an even better look, but this is the brown lentil version (taste is the same).

And I must say tonight’s salmon was the best I’ve had! I would call it Cajun, it was spicy and grilled, but I don’t really know what it actually was.

But good food just adds something to life. Greater praise is due for her job each day with Micah. We talk about how active and tiring he is – but no one quite understands until spending time with him. He is ALWAYS on the go. His favorite game is to pull things out of drawers and throw them everywhere. Recently he has discovered he can pull chairs around the house to get to just about anything. (and despite the constant destruction that is Micah – I came home to a pretty spotless looking house today) It is a tiring job, a job that doesn’t stop, and a job that especially in New York is looked down upon. But I’m so glad she has a heart to stay home and invest in our children! These days even those mom’s who stay home give up their true feelings and devalue the job by backtracking and making sure you know how they cant wait to go back to work or do more in some way. I’m lucky to have found a wife who truly feels called to our children and isn’t just biding her time until she can get away from them again.

Score another point for Susanna when it comes to finances. Most women love to shop and shop, and it can be problematic. Then there are women who finds deals left and right. My dad loved the old joke about the wife who comes home to tell her husband “honey, I ‘saved’ you money today by buying these 100 dollar jeans on sale!” I’m sure there is some saving as well, but it is all too true that the point of interest is not how much you save, but how much you SPEND. Someone else’s wife might save $75 by getting a $100 item for 25 bucks, but mine will save me $100 by not buying the expendable item in the first place.

We live on a very tight budget to meet ends in NY. Ever since getting married we’ve lived on a very tight budget. But despite, we’ve managed to live debt free. And the #1 reason is Susanna, who sticks to what is in the budget week by week. If raising kids is a thankless job, this is also a thankless job. Because she can never brag about her sale purchases (and in the world of women it seems bragging about bargains is THE end all) – she gets through by denying those purchases and sticking to mostly necessities.

But I am most proud of her for the Holy Spirit which is evident in her. We attended a marriage seminar at our church last weekend. One of the points stressed most was recognizing your own sin, seeing yourself as the worst of sinners and so being willing to forgive, to ask forgiveness, and understand when others fail. “Can you imagine what that would look like in our lives?” Pastor Aron said. And I thought to myself “yes, I can imagine it. It would look like Susanna.” In truth she is the most boring of sinners if it comes to sin stories. But she is humble, forgiving, and soft of heart. It makes marriage really quite easy.

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6 Responses to Oh Susanna!

  1. Johannah says:

    Rick,What a tribute! It warms my heart to hear such praise from a husband. Keep it up. Tell here every day.Sus,Love you girl! You sound like your priorities are in the right place.I am proud of you.Love, Jo

  2. Susanna Rose says:

    BAbe, this is so incredibly beautiful and all I can say is I am so blessed and honored to be able to strive to be a better wife and mother to you and Micah (and future baby;) every day! Thank you! I’ll never be able to fully express how much reading this means to me!

  3. Grace says:

    Awww…how kind of you Rick! Yes, she is a great wife, mom and sister. Hope you have a wonderful Valentines together! Susanna…I want those recipes!

  4. bchallies says:

    Well! This certainly warms a mother’s heart! Susanna, you are growing into such a lovely, mature, competent woman and, Rick, you are aware of it and glad to praise her! Beautiful!…And Susanna, that cooking! Can’t wait to visit you!

  5. bchallies says:

    Thanks for appreciating my daughter so much, she deserves it. Those photographs are added incentive to visit you guys in NYC. Happy Valentines Day.Dad

  6. Jason Atkins says:

    :’-)what a blessing this blog was. -Jason (Yolanda Atkins’ younger brother)

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