Flowers for my boss lady

Rick’s Valentine’s gift to me: an amazing photo book filled with pictures pre-New York. What a blessed adventure our life together has been so far!
* * *

Sometimes encounters with strangers stay with you. On Friday night while Rick and I were down town for a much needed Valentine’s date night, we met a scruffy looking man in a wheel chair as we entered a corner market. He was having trouble wheeling his way through the door and Rick stopped to help him.

“Oh thank you! Thank you!” he exclaimed with genuine appreciation in his voice…almost an amazed tone. Perhaps he isn’t offered help very often. He then proceeded to tell us about the reason he was in a wheel chair; he had lost his leg as a Marine during the Vietnam war and it was apparent from his voice and the look in his eyes that the reality of his disability still lay heavily on his mind. “It’s so hard,” he continued. “I just try to make ends meet day by day.”

With the obvious pitiful situation he must live in since losing his leg and the thanks he gave Rick for helping him, I decided to ask him if there was anything we could buy for him. We were going into the store anyways after all. The critical side of me expected him to ask for a bottle of bear or something. To our utter surprise, he said, “I would love to be able to get some flowers for my boss lady (his landlord)!”

We wheeled him over to the outdoor flower stands and helped him pick out some cheery tulips. “I want flowers for my boss lady,” he kept repeating. With just a few extra dollars spent, we hopefully made someones evening just a little brighter!

More Valentine’s Day/Rick’s birthday (2/15):

Some favorite pictures from within the photo book (how adorable was Micah as a new born?!)

Valentine’s Chocolate fudge I made for Rick (he’d taken a chunk before I could take a picture!:)

I ordered this lantern from my amazingly talented cousin Johanna who custom designs each lantern. I wanted to give Rick one for his birthday with a Venetian theme in mind since that is where we honeymooned. These two pictures show the stunning result!

Rick’s other birthday gift: 3 bags of delicious Gorilla coffee packaged in a neat wooden crate. Gorilla coffee is a New York favorite and we have come to love it too!

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5 Responses to Flowers for my boss lady

  1. Jana says:

    How sweet what you did for the old gentleman. Also, looks like you two had a good V-Day and that Rick had a good birthday! :) Love reading about your NY life!

  2. The Matriarch says:

    What a poignant story! Wonderful Valentine’s and birthday goodies!

  3. Grace says:

    That was so kind of you two! Love the gifts you bought each other!

  4. Anonymous says:

    And such good coffee. Tasted first-hand:)Maryanne

  5. G says:

    Hi Rick – Susannah – Glad to see you still have that wedding picture – it is one of my favorites too. Nice to hear from your mom that you guys are enjoying New York. Gary & Marlene

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