Oh Lord Your love!

The ever growing:) J&B Challies clan, Christmas ’07

Like the lame and blind healed by Jesus who went rejoicing through the streets, unabashedly praising God, so must I! Without going into specifics, God has lately performed some pretty incredible acts in my family, the Challies family, and I am sure we are all standing amazed and humbled at the height and breadth of His goodness. From lost hippies to sold out believers, my mom and dad have lived lives of daring faithfulness in their 35 year walk together with Christ and it is because of this legacy which they earnestly passed on to each of their five children that we can all stand now and instead of claiming mere “good luck” or “fate,” bask in the glory of God and His ever present love!

Reusing a powerful quote my mom shared with us recently, “God opens doors which no man can shut. Let us ride His resurrection wind, graciously lifting up our Saviour!”

How GREAT is our God?!

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3 Responses to Oh Lord Your love!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes. I agree! How great is our God? Very great. I am amazed when he shows his love in such incredibly huge ways….!!!Maryanne

  2. Grace says:

    God is good…mom and dad have been such blessings to us…what a great picture!

  3. The Matriarch says:

    God is so good!

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