Jonah days

Is it just New York or is the flu, colds, etc going around in a continuous circle everywhere??? Well, regardless, I am trying to be thankful in the midst of what have been frustrating weeks lately… Micah is sick and thus he and I are both much more housebound than we would like to be. Play dates, dinner dates and other social outings must be put on hold…

But, alas, thankfulness calls. Here are five reasons for me to smile:)

A night out with my husband last Friday

My baby bump (at around 20 wks…I’m twenty-four wks now so need to update the growth:)

Micah’s learning another new skill
Even when he looks kinda grubby (and half dressed;), I’ve got a beautiful son!

Thursday, a vibrant orange bouquet of flowers from Rick to brighten my evening!

My cup overflows! Repeat to self 5 times!:)

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5 Responses to Jonah days

  1. Grace says:

    First of all…you look BEAUTIFUL in that first picture…oh and Rick, you do too:) Micah is always cute…even when grubby…I can’t believe he is eating with a spoon! Oh…and those flowers are so pretty! Good job Rick!

  2. Mrs. Miller says:

    Susanna – thank you for such an encouraging post! You INSPIRE me to dwell on the blessings in my life!

  3. Susanna Rose says:

    Thanks for that encouragement Bethany!:)

  4. Becca says:

    Thankfulness is always a choice–and a GREAT one at that! :)When my family first moved to TN, my brothers hated it (we had moved from the oh-so-metropolitan Denver to “THE middle of nowhere,” or so they thought). They were so miserable that my mom daily asked them to tell her something they could be thankful for in their day. Then it was 2 things, 3 things, and so on. Before she knew it, the thankfulness just tumbled out of them when they got home (and they were in high school!). It’s amazing was changing the focus of our hearts can do. :)Glad you have such sweet things to be thankful for. :) And thank *you* for the sewing encouragement. :)Blessings,Becca(oops… the deleted comment was me under my “family blog” username)

  5. The Matriarch says:

    Good perspective….Can’t wait to see that big boy!

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