Entrepreneurial pipe dream?

For a few years now, I’ve had secret entrepreneurial ambitions…perhaps a coffee shop someday? In my mind, it is all figured out. Together our family could live above our own little business as many do in Brooklyn. We could call it “Coffee Snobs,” a name we jokingly call one another as our tastes in coffee are uncompromising: it must be great or we simply can not successfully choke it down. The fact that I began my coffee drinking days with Folgers coffee “tea bags” is now a down right putrid memory!;)

Will it ever happen? Who knows…at this point in our lives, God has other plans and I undoubtedly want my number one priority to be full-time motherhood, raising and investing in Micah and future children. So, somewhere down the road perhaps! As Rick points out, the financial risks alone make starting a small business a daunting thought no matter how big the desire and as we all know: location, location, location is the #1 key to success which also likely means more expensive rent. But, at the end of the day, a girl can dream, right?:)

So…Anyone else have hidden entrepreneurial ambitions? Anyone started their own business?

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15 Responses to Entrepreneurial pipe dream?

  1. Johannah says:

    That’s a dream you and I share Sus!

  2. Grace says:

    Me three!!!! I always tell Justin that is something I would love to do!

  3. Anonymous says:

    maybe all 3 of you should band together and start something.in Ottawa, of course, so i can taste the results!-Irene (Karin’s sister)

  4. Becca says:

    I have at times dreamed of a little corner bakery filled with delicious pastries and such…. or a b&b (my grandparents’ engagement story centers around a bumble bee, so I even have a play on words picked out to call the b&b which would incorporate that)… or portrait photography on the side… or selling my crafts on etsy or some little booth in a boutique. I don’t that any will come to fruition, but they’re fun to think about or try to incorporate aspects of into the life God *has* given me in right now (why not make yummy pastries for friends or make our home as welcoming and comfy as possible for guests or take pictures of our loved ones or at least give my craftings as gifts?). :)

  5. The Matriarch says:

    If you choose coffee as your livelihood, combine it with lots of chocolate whatevers and you can’t help but prosper!

  6. Susanna Rose says:

    Irene, thanks for stopping by! Becca, looks like you’ve thought a lot about starting a business as well! And great thoughts that we can incorporate these desires into our daily lives even if we can never actually own a small business! Anyone want to come for some delicious coffee?!:)

  7. Mella says:

    That’d be my dream too – well, maybe not owning a coffee shop. Maybe just being free to visit one and write for hours on end without any other responsibilities (like, mortgage payments or diaper duty…)

  8. Jason and Kim Vinson says:

    Yes, I love dreaming too. Jason started brewing beer and we’ve joked about having a brewery with our kids being bartenders (not the most wholesome idea). Or a bed and breakfast… Also, I’ve always wanted to work at a coffee shop, so who knows maybe I could work at yours someday ; )

  9. Susanna Rose says:

    Mella, I know what you mean!Kim, A Brewery, huh?! I’d love to see that!!!!:)

  10. Andria says:

    Me too Susanna!! I would LOVE to own a coffee shop. When we moved to Atlanta Ricardo and I considered opening up a drive-thru coffee bar since people spend so much time in their cars here! We’ve also dreamed of having our own B&B someday. Probably none of the above will ever happen, but it’s so much fun to dream! I joke around that we need to have lots of kids so we can hire them :)

  11. Anonymous says:

    As far as I’m concerned you can NEVER have too many snobby coffee shops–especially in New York. They are always too crowded. Just make sure you have roomy enough seating for moms like us with strollers! :) I admire your ambition–the food industry is a lot of work, but I hear its worth it if it’s what you love doing.Adrienne

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hi Susanna,My dream is to open a book store with a coffee shop in the back. A really cosy place where people come and spend a nice relaxing time reading a good book and having a nice cuppa.Have a nice day.Maud

  13. everythoughtcaptive says:

    I’d love to have a buisness with my photography someday… it’d be neat to make money doing something one loves to do.

  14. Melissa Marini says:

    My dream is to open a little deli shop one day. Opening a little place like that requires one to take a financial risk and commitment that Neil and I are not ready to take on yet. There are dreamers and then there are doers. You are already living the dream that you and I shared of living in New York. I am sure that one day you will fulfill this dream too.

  15. Susanna Rose says:

    Melissa, thanks for the encouragement! I remember that conversation about New York also…is neat to see how we have been so blessed to see that dream come to fruition!

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