Starbucks Absurdity

There’s nothing like waiting in line for a jolt of caffeine! It’s a warm day and you look at the pictures; perfectly formed swirls of whip cream sitting atop iced coffee perfection. It is simply not easy to wait for the 4 or 5 people in front of you to get their carefully chosen selections…or the 5 people behind you either.

No I didn’t exactly get angry today I suppose but I was frustrated and some would say that amounts to basically the same emotion! Before Micah and I stopped to buy groceries, I made a well-planned pit stop at Starbucks to get what has been my justifiable pregnancy craving of late, a tall coffee frappuccino. I could almost taste it before I even set foot inside the most over priced coffee mecca of the world. Something went wrong though. I was forced to wait longer than I should have had to for my precious frappuccino and as person after person in line behind me picked up their drink, the injustice of it all rose up inside of me. And spilled out.

I could have patiently asked the barista, “excuse me, did you get my tall coffee frappuccino order?” But no, that would have been too lenient. Instead I said in a rather winy voice, “excuse me, I ordered a tall coffee frappuccino about 15 minutes ago (a bit of an exaggeration) and many people who were after me in line have already picked up their drinks. I think mine was forgotten.”

The guy apologized, made my drink as quickly as he could and as he handed it to me, I made sure to take it with a disgruntled thank you. After all, didn’t he deserve to know I had been put out?

When I reflect on moments like this I realize their absurdity. Why do I let myself get so engrossed in the idea of a drink in the first place? Why do I let a caffeine urge get the better of my self-control? Simply put, I’m not only a grave sinner in marriage…I’m an obvious offender in the rest of my life as well. When my heart’s desire is to reflect my faith in Christ to those around me, wherever I am, I better realize it is often in these seemingly mundane events that what is in my heart speaks most loudly. And I want that to be a positive thing.

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3 Responses to Starbucks Absurdity

  1. Grace says:

    That is so strange..because just yesterday I was at Publix getting a sub and waited for probably 20-25 minutes while the employees lazily moved around, fought over who should make it and eventually told me (after already getting everyone else’s sandwich) “we don’t have the sauce for that sandwich…would you like something else?” I made sure to huff and roll my eyes and sound really irritated about having to change my order…then felt really stupid because i was being such a child. After that I tried to be polite but had already made a fool of myself:)

  2. Papa Rose says:

    You are not alone. For a large portion of my life I looked like a 14 year old and was often overlooked because of this fact. It is hard to tolerate at times. Of course I no longer have that problem. Remember the Apostle Paul wrote, I do those things I do not want to do and do not those I want. You are in good company.

  3. The Matriarch says:

    Amazing how both our sin and our sanctification are exhibited through on-the-spot reactions, isn’t it?

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